‘A Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perez ‘ Is Amazing

Daniella Perez

The first chapters of the documentary “Brutal Pact: The Assassination of Daniella Perez”, have already arrived on streaming platforms, including the free Youcine app. Divided into 5 parts, it addresses the controversial issue of the murder of actress Daniella Perez, daughter of the well-known Gloria Perez. Daniela Perez, had her life taken by her soap opera colleague, Guilherme Pádua. The case became known through the media by all Brazilians, but little was addressed the view of family and friends about what happened. And this documentary comes to show exactly what these people approach about the case.

The ‘Daniella Perez’ Case

In 1992, “Namoradinha do Brasil” was featured in the telenovela “De Corpo e Alma”, from Globo prime time. In the production, Daniella Perez and Guilherme de Paduá  were a romantic couple and seemed to get along very well both on and off screen. However, in fear of having his role reduced by the actress’s mother – who was the author of the soap opera – Guilherme and his wife, Paula Tomaz, plotted the crime.

Actress Daniella Perez was brutally murdered with eighteen dagger blows. Her body was found thrown in a thicket in Barra da Tijuca.

Daniella Perez

Remembering the story: Brutal Pact

The documentary ‘Brutal Pact’: The Murder of Daniella Perez, brings a very interesting narrative construction, especially for viewers who like this type of plot. At first, the series seems to want to do justice, rebutting what was said in the media about the case, but it was also concerned to show who Daniella Perez really was before the event, revealing her tastes and dreams.

The first few episodes are amazing! The interviews and the narrative catch the attention of the audience. The second chapter shows a confusion of the lived moment, which is to try to convey the feeling of how it happened in real life. The interviews were given by people close to
but the actress: by Gloria Perez, her husband Raul Gazolla, by family members, investigators and friends. It’s very strong and exciting. Especially for those who followed the actress and the whole event.
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