Actress Glória Pires rocks her interpretation in “A Suspeita”


We all realize that women are gaining more and more space in the job market, even in some professions that would be dangerous. However, staying in the profession can become a little more difficult, when the woman has some kind of restriction in her health.

A Suspeita

Lúcia, the character played by actress Glória Pires, is a commissioner of the civil police in Rio de Janeiro, who is very dedicated to her work. About to retire, after thirty years of hard work in her personal life, she continues to work hard. But when she starts an investigation into her latest case, she realizes that there is a connection between drug lord Beto (Daniel Bouzas) and people who are close to her on a daily basis. This makes Lucia not trust anyone anymore – including herself, as she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and her memory is giving trouble when she is acting in her profession.

‘A Suspect’ brings a police drama whose development is as winding to follow as it is for its protagonist. Thiago Dottori-screenwriter, wanted to focus the public’s attention on the vision that the protagonist starts to develop of things from her condition as a carrier of Alzheimer’s, because the circumstances of life do not seem to be being as lucid as it should be.

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Deep history

The story of this film is deep, it even gives a feeling of tightness in the chest. Actress Glória Pires puts on a show with the performance of her character Lúcia. She manages to convey to the viewer the tenuity that memory lapses occur and how suddenly they happen, taking them out of the present, that is, director Pedro Peregrino makes the suspense in this case, in the background, and the focus of the film pass on the viewer trying to find out if the protagonist will handle the case she is investigating professionally, or not.

A Suspeita

This is shown in the many scenes in which Lucia starts out of action, lost, as if she herself was waiting for an order to continue with what she was doing. The camera game that blurs the image passed on the screen to the viewer, also helps to convey this idea of ​​the “lost” of the character at various times, bringing a little more of the lived reality in the confusion that Lucia is going through in her life.

The movie ‘The Suspicion’ is classified more as a drama than for the well-known current crime thrillers facing criminals. More than that, it demonstrates the pain and difficulty of living with these types of diseases. In addition to showing Lucia’s emotional and deep determination to fight for justice for the honesty and loyalty she has had in her career throughout this time. The viewer can expect great emotions with this impressive national production.

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