“Alemão 2” is a Good Movie for Those Who Like Action

Alemão 2

Alemão 2” premiered on March 31 in theaters and you can check it out in its free Youcine apk. The film has an excellent sequel. The original (2014) was a siege film, which showed the situation of five cornered police officers who worked undercover in Complexo do Alemão during the police occupation of the hill in 2010. has a continuation of the first.

After eight years of the Alemão occupation, things haven’t changed as much as they seemed. The drug dealers still control the place and the police responsible are all scrapped. Despite this, a group of police officers commanded by Amanda ( Aline Borges) (Good Morning, Verônica), intends to capture the great drug lord of the moment, the Soldado, played by Digão Ribeiro (Dom). Even though it may appear to be an operation without any risk of death, things will go wrong and, little by little, those involved will discover that corruption and crime still remain on top.

Tension and more critical social action

This subtitle sums up well what German 2 is. The direction of José Eduardo Belmonte – who also directed the first one – is excellent. The camera manages to put us in the action and leave us well immersed in the shooting. The tension created by the filmmaker leaves us very trapped in the scenes. The lack of sound helped well, this silence has a great impact on the viewer’s expectation of what will happen in the next scene. In a film like this, social criticism could not be lacking either. It is very evident about the fascist behavior of the police, that is, in the prejudice of thinking that a black person cannot achieve better positions in his career. Details that are perceived by the public make all the difference. All this with very well done images.


The film shocks, but it also has the power to entertain. The direction is great, and so is the cast. And that has been the opinion of other critics as well. So you can’t miss this movie! Download your Youcine free apk on your mobile, android, Iphone, Smart Tv or TV Box and enjoy! For those of you who want to watch Alemão 1, you can also check out the Youcine free apk.

Cast of the Movie “Alemão 2”

Vladimir Brichta
Leandra Leal
Gabriel Leone
Aline Borges
Digão Ribeiro
Mariana Nunes
Zezé Motta

Original Movie Title: Alemão 2
Director: José Eduardo Belmonte
Screenplay: Thiago Brito, Marton Olympio and Pedro Perazzo
Genre: Action and Drama

Señorita 89

“Señorita 89” The Dark Underworld of Miss Mexico pageants in 1980

The Mexican production ‘Señorita 89’, was produced by Oscar-winning brothers Juan de Dios Larraín and Pablo Larraín (director of ‘Spencer’). It premiered last Sunday on streaming platforms and is already in our free Youcine apk for you to check out. Starring Ximena Romo, Ilse Salas and Bárbara López, the eight-episode series is a drama by Lucia Puenzo, set in 1980s Mexico.

The plot features Concepción (Ilse Salas), the matriarch of the most important beauty pageant in the country, who, along with a team of makeup artists, coaches and even surgeons, receives the 32 finalists on her property. There, the contestants will undergo an arduous three-month training until they reach the Miss Mexico pageant. However, in reality, behind the appearances, clothes and makeup, there is a dark world and, in the end, the contestants will help each other and join forces to leave the contest alive.

Elena (Ximena Romo) is leading the series, a university student who offers to be a professor of general culture for the misses, to get to know them up close and write a thesis on the subject. However, she ends up discovering some things much stranger than she would expect, in an environment with a futile appearance, such as the sexual abuse of some women by high people (politicians, generally). There is also drug use among some of them.

Ximena gets to know each of the 32 competitors and discovers their dreams, desires, and that some of them would do anything for the crown (both out of necessity and ambition). Behind that seeming fairy tale is a lot of pain and suffering. In addition to male exploitation, always present. It is a very immersive film. If you liked the story, just download the Youcine free apk and check it out! You can watch it for free on your mobile, android, Smart Tv or Tv Box! Download the Youcine free apk now and also watch other programming, such as movies, anime and drawings.

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