“All for Jojo” addresses the theme of coming of age and relationships


The movie Tudo por Jojo is a German drama and comedy production that is already on the best streaming platforms. It’s great for anyone looking for an interesting movie to watch over the weekend.

In the story presented, Paula does everything to sabotage Jojo’s marriage after her friend falls in love and leaves behind the crazy adventures that the two lived in Berlin.

The film has the original screenplay written by Stefanie Ren. It was released in 2022, but Ren is the one who came up with the plot idea almost a decade ago. After several revisions to the story, the script was ready to become a movie. Ren then met Caro Cult, and found her perfect to star in ‘Paula’.

What caught Cult’s attention, is that the role of Paula was something real and dark, showing the side of female friendship, which is rarely seen in the movies. What really should change, because there are sensational actresses, and the theme “female friendship” is very dear to women.

All for Jojo

Despite the two coming from the same space, they have very different personality constructions, and isn’t it the same in real life? In the film it is not clear why Paula acts the way she does, that is, in a childish way, almost wanting to have possession of her friend, but not wanting her good.

The end could have taken new directions, but it served to show that there are boring people and not others and that you have the friendships you want to have. So it’s a matter of choice. But it is worth watching so that we are not like Paula, and can better choose our friendships or impose limits.

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All for Jojo

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