‘Aritmiya’ brings reflection on the stressful reality of current couples


A talented and very dedicated young paramedic (Aleksandr Yatsenko) is facing many problems and complications in his marriage. His wife (Irina Gorbacheva), is fed up with him caring more about patients than he does about her, and asks for a divorce. As he struggles to make time with his wife, he begins to become increasingly obsessed with his mission to save lives. Until the new head of the hospital implements new strict rules that hinder the work of the paramedic. Caught between emergency calls, the search for meaning in life, and many personal and professional crises, the couple must find the strength to stick together.


The plot is a part of the life of Oleg (Yatsenko) and Katya (Gorbacheva) in their daily work and coexistence and truly both are worn out, as they are extremely dedicated to their work that demands both physically and psychologically from the couple, with that they they end up absent from their own relationship, although they cultivate a feeling for each other. Which ends up being a portrait of the lives of many couples nowadays, since society has changed so much, and that both have to work hard and end up sacrificing their love life and even children and friends.

Stressful Routine

Oleg’s routine that exposes the moral degradation of the worker in view of the service providers, the lack of resources, the many non-functional rules, the excess of work, resulting in a strain on his relationship and the excessive use of alcohol that must anesthetize a little pain during its effect. At times he may seem ignorant, but he cares about each patient, after all, they are humans in need of help.

On the other hand, Katya is left out, and cannot be heard or understood, although she has to deal with strict labor measures for working in the same place, this is little explored in the film, her work routine with more commitment so that there is a comparison with her husband’s, they can’t connect and every time they try to discuss the relationship, there is silence on the part of both sides who want to make it happen, but the attitudes don’t match the words. And we know that when it comes to a love relationship, only words without actions are worth nothing.

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Although his routine is exhausting, the love he says he has for Ka-
tya because she doesn’t support herself, being his emotional and sexual support. In addition to being very clear in the film her inferiority complex towards her, and the fact that he is upset with the decision she has about her own body. The relationship really doesn’t seem to be good for the two, because they don’t seem happy together, the work routine can influence their behavior, but it shouldn’t be a justification for their actions.


The feature has so far won 28 awards, including: Asia Pacific Screen Awards: Grand Jury Prize Winner (Aleksandr Yatsenko), Chicago International Film Festival: Best Actor (Aleksandr Yatsenko), Haifa International Film Festival: Best International Film, Shanghai International Film Festival: Boris Khlebnikov and Trieste Film Festival: Best Film.


Boris Khlebnikov, director of the feature, should have focused his efforts on the story to have more dynamic material. The choices to talk about the precariousness of the Russian health system and the love relationship between Oleg and Katya are poorly developed, despite having a good narrative argument, Linha Tenuê chooses to hide.

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