Brazil loses to Croatia and ends the dream of winning the Hexa

Brazil loses to Croatia

The quarterfinals of the World Cup were decided with high doses of emotion, and the dream of the sixth was left aside for Brazil. With the right to two goals during extra time, Croatia and Brazil drew 0-0 in normal game time and repeated the tie by 1-1 after another 30 minutes of departure – Neymar scored the goal for Brazil, and Petkovic scored for the Croatians . On penalties, the Croatians won 4-2 at the Education City Stadium.

The goalkeeper of Brazil Alisson, played before the ball reached the goal in the penalties, and this made Croatia score all the goals in the penalty kicks, the Brazilian team only scored 2 goals from the penalty spot, as one hit the crossbar and another the goalkeeper defended. The players were very sad, reaching tears, as well as the fans. Coach Tite left the field, went to the locker room and never came back.

Without being able to count on the player Alex Sandro, who was injured, Tite maintained the lineup that thrashed South Korea in the round of 16, with Militão on the right side and Danilo on the left.

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Tension filled game

Croatia started with a great ball pass, attacking a lot and at an excellent pace. The player Richarlison from Brazil, right at the beginning of the game, began to feel his thigh due to the ball tackles, Croatia marked the Brazilian players very well, in addition to having presented an excellent technical part.

The Brazil team should have risked more shots on goal, besides, they should not have given Croatian team so much space in passing the ball, which made it easier for them to get close to the goal area. That is, Brazil’s marking was very flawed. The Brazil team needed to get more on the flanks to be able to attack.

The player Rafinha was very still, just waiting for the ball at his foot to score a goal, he could have helped his teammates more on the field.

In the first half, Brazil had two great chances to score goals, but they didn’t.

The Brazilian team lacked speed on the field, and this made it difficult to get close to the goal, even from the wings. Brazil’s defense struggled to guard Croatia’s players, who were very technical and experienced. They suffered a lot of pressure in midfield, which also made it difficult for them to get close to the goal.

The referee was wrong in not calling some fouls, which could have made it easier for Brazil to come back with the ball and try to attack. Brazil lacked in this match to have more energy and put more pressure on top of Croatia. The end of the first half was a relief for the Brazilian team.

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Second half of the game

In the second half, Brazil had more opportunities to score goals, they came close a few times, as the players were more present – mainly Neymar – and concentrated on the field as well, recovering more possession of the ball. These attacks by Brazil gave Croatia goalkeeper Livakovic a chance to show how prepared he was in this game, making good defenses.

Brazil did not let the Croatian team have the freedom to pass the ball, which they were having in the first half, in the midfield the Brazilian team tightened the marking. Before tightening the marking, Brazil was making the game a lot easier for Croatia. In addition, Croatia also manages to manage fatigue well on the field, which helps them a lot.

Player Richarlison did well in the game, managed to steal many balls in the second half.

Both teams kept trying, but created little danger in the final stretch of the second half. Normal time ended goalless and the match went into overtime, which was two halves of 15 minutes.

The goal of Brazil comes out

Even the linesman and the referee did not give some fouls that occurred in favor of Brazil, the Brazilian team with the player Neymar Jr., managed to score the first goal. After the table with Lucas Paquetá, Neymar entered free inside the area and, unlike the other opportunities, he did not shoot at first. The playmaker dribbled Livakovic and with a subtle touch opened the scoring and went out to embrace.

Croatia’s defensive system was very disoriented, which made it easier for the Brazilian team to score.

Brazil loses to Croatia

But, with 11 minutes of the second half in overtime, Brazil’s marking fails, and Croatia scores a goal. In the second half, several offensive players came on and they launched into the attack. On the counterattack, the Croatia team, which is very fast, was free in the small area, finished and tied the game. The decision was on penalties.

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