‘Control Z’ Season 3 Finale Explained: Do Sofia and Raul Escape?

Control Z

Who is the real @Allyoursecrets?

As Sofia ventures out for help, she trusts Bruno for his experience. This is where reality is shown. He is the blackmailer and he is the one sending the threatening messages. His anger towards Raul comes from him taking the blame for everything in the past in exchange for Raul giving him money and keeping him safe in prison. When Raul didn’t fulfill his end of the deal, Bruno was defeated. When he was released from prison, he was banned from using the internet and struggled to find work as no one wants to hire an ex-con. Bruno ignored this and decided to hack Raul’s phone. There then, he saw Susana’s photo and all the messages between the children. He also finds out who actually moved the body.

Who moved Susana’s body?

Returning to the beginning of the season, we see that it was Javi’s father, Damian, who moved Susana’s body. Despite her being dead on the sidewalk, Javi drugged Sofia to knock her out and teamed up with Damian to cover up the crime scene. The crime scene was cleaned and all the blood was washed away. As for Susana, Damian transferred her body back home to imply it was suicide and to prevent his son from being blamed for anything.

Control Z

Who kidnapped Raul?

As Sofia discovers the truth, she remains pessimistic about certain parts of Bruno’s story. As the guy continues, he admits he vented his frustrations on a forum known as “No Impunity,” calling Raul by name. He gained many followers who sympathized with his injustices and felt the same about moments in his own life and as a result, all of his followers took matters into their own hands. Raul was kidnapped and taken to a very dangerous neighborhood in a locked complex, which Sofia invades in the 7th episode. Soon after, in the 8th episode, Sofia wakes up and finds Raul, having been captured at the end of the previous episode. Sofia warns Raul that Bruno is behind everything.

While they remain trapped, Gerry is distracted by the messages he received from Raul in the last episode. He suspects foul play, particularly when Sofia texts after stating, “I can’t talk right now. Let’s talk later, dear.” Gerry points out that Sofia never uses the word “babe” (darling) and that something would be wrong. Fortunately, the guys found a clue. After discovering the forum On Impunity, they find the links that lead back to Sofia and Raul.

Quintanilla calls while they’re on their way to the compound, asking where they are. They stall for time (since it’s prom night) and claim that Sofia is in trouble.

Raul and Sofia escape?

Raul and Sofia work together to escape. They cover the CCTV camera and break free from the cell. They are not alone, as Guero is also trapped, who is helped by the duo. The three join in as Javi and the others walk through the front gates and break into the compound as well. However, there are much bigger problems afoot. Guero, Sofia and Raul find three chairs, each with their names on, and Guero is determined to make them pay.

Control Z

As they argue, they are interrupted by a live stream of the graduation. The incriminating video leaked, thanks to Ernesto putting the USB drive in the laptop. Within that, the video seems ready to show what really happened to Susana. The laptop short-circuits, thanks to Alex spilling wine on it, preventing it from playing the video. Guero, Sofia and Raul are not so lucky. Guero sees the full video projected on the screen of his wife’s death. He is very angry. Baseball bat in hand, he goes after the others. All the masked thugs appear and surround them, but it’s Gerry and Nati who come to the rescue. Guero arrests Gerry, Nat slaps him on the head.

Guero is unconscious, Sofia speaks and tries to put out the fire Bruno started. Sofia turns her attention to Bruno, encouraging all of his followers to take off their masks.

The only one left is Bruno. Turns out Bruno was blackmailing everyone all this time. Sofia promises not to tell anyone, causing the followers to turn against Bruno, who tries in vain to control them. While they are distracted, Sofia and Javi run away.

Children show up at the National School for graduation as before. With the nightmare over, Sofia makes her speech, and at the same time, we see each of the children give their testimonies about what happened to Susana. Although none of them are arrested, they all do community service. If you liked this article, don’t miss the opportunity to watch this series for free! Download your free Youcine app now and check out this series, anime, drawings and movies! There’s a lot of quality content for you to watch! Download Youcine free apk on your android, Smart TV, mobile or TV Box to watch everything for free!

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