‘DC League of Super-Pets’ entertains everyone, but even more pet parents and dcnauts


After four years of ‘Teen Titans Go!’ in theaters, DC launched a new animated movie on screens: DC League of Superpets. The animation is focused on the Superdog Krypto, Superman’s pet and best friend. The film is already on the free Youcine app to watch as well.

DC League of Super-Pets

The feature is already the second production of Seven Bucks, producer of The Rock, at DC. The first was Shazam!

In ‘Superpets ‘, the character Krypto is shown and several other animals that gained superpowers trying to save the world and rescue the Justice League from the villain Lulu, a guinea pig of the supperpowerful and guinea pig of the villain Lex Luthor. The animated film begins with the origins of Superdog and Superman on the planet Krypto, and leaves for the present day, on Earth, with the Kryptonians Krypto and Kal-El/Clark Kent already grown up.

Krypto and Superman are friends who haven’t parted ways, they live together, sleep together, go out together and fight against all evil together. However, as the relationship between Superman and journalist Lois Lane deepens, Krypto believes his friendship with his old partner is threatened.

The duo’s first disagreement occurs because there is more and more jealousy of Superman, Krypto and the Man of Steel. And before the two members of House El can make amends, the evil pet Lulu emerges with newly acquired red kryptonite superpowers, brought to Earth by Lex Luthor, and kidnaps Superman.

Krypto even tries to help, but he can’t, as the superdog lost his powers shortly after eating Lulu’s cheese that had a piece of green kryptonite. But Lulu wasn’t the only pet to gain superpowers. Chip squirrel, Ace the dog, PB the pig, and Mirtes the turtle were also given super-abilities and powers from red kryptonite when Lex’s test subject used it, at an animal rescue home. the Krypto mineral for the first time.

DC League of Super-Pets

From there, Krypto, Ace, Chip, PB and Mirtes team up to save the world, rescue the Justice League and defeat the cruel and terrible Lulu and her army of meta-rodents. How to watch movies for free and online legally, have you ever thought about it? It’s simple, just download the Youcine free apk on your iPhone, android, TV Box or Smart TV and watch everything for free! Check it out now!


‘DC League of Superpets’ is completely fun, full of good jokes and humorous references to DC. The animation of directors Jared Stern and Sam Levine is never tiring. There’s always something to amuse or attract the viewer’s attention.

The film also has great positive messages, about what it’s like to truly love, about facing your fears, knowing how to work in a team and about how to help others feel better. Adaptation is a beautiful letter of ‘love’ to pets and their human friends.


Another excellent point of ‘DC League of Superpets’ is the soundtrack. The songs chosen fit very well with the scenes.

On the other hand, the not so positive aspects of animation are the few moments that make the spectators get emotional. Another negative point is that the superheroes of ‘Superpets’ – pussies and humanoids – are not careful with civilians.

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DC League of Super-Pets

DC League of Super-Pets

‘DC League of Superpets’ is a beautiful tribute to ‘Superman’. We see in the story beautiful representations of Superman, Krypto Superdog, journalist Lois Lane, villain Lex Luthor and even Superman’s Kryptonian parents.

The presence of the Justice League in the feature is small, but we can miss the superteam on the big screen.

Dubbing -DC League of Superpets

Its amazing! The highlights among the national voice actors of the film are: Marcelo Garcia as Krypto, Duda Espinoza as Ace, Priscilla Alcântara as PB, Marco Luque as Chip, Ilka Pinheiro as Mirtes, Guilherme Briggs as Superman, Duda Ribeiro as Batman and Angélica Borges as Lulu .


The production is actually not a masterpiece, but ‘DC League of Superpets’ is a great animation that will please all audiences and of any age. The animated feature is certainly one of the best animations dcnauts and one of the best films in the Superman universe. And anyone who is a dcnaut and has a pet at home will probably have ‘Superpets’ as one of his most beloved movies.

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