“Disconnect: The Wedding Planner”: Is it worth watching?


This film is directed by award-winning filmmaker David ‘Tosh’ Gitonga (known for Nairobi Half Life). “Disconnect: The Wedding Planner” is a sequel to the Kenyan film “Disconnect” (2018). It shows a group of young drama-loving Nairobi residents try to make an investor’s dream wedding a reality. The film has most of the original cast members, including Pascal Tokodi , Brenda Wairimu , Catherine Kamau and Brian Ogola . Veteran actor Wale Ojo appears very little, but it was fun.

Disconnect: The Wedding Planner

Otis, shatters the heart of a young woman he is dating, making it clear that he is not interested in a serious relationship. What interests him, however, is getting an investment from his Nigerian friend, Dale, who is very busy planning his wedding to Rita. Desperate to save his “dying” company, Otis promises to organize a Yoruba destination wedding for Dale, in the seaside town of Mombasa. But, the wedding planner Otis hired to help disappears with all his money, which means the playboy has to travel to the beach resort and try to plan the event.

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The problem

The issue is that there are many characters placed in this film, and it becomes a little difficult to follow. Otis, the protagonist, is a commitment-phobic divorcée and the mother of his son hates him. There’s also TK, a successful businesswoman and the protagonist’s main love interest, who keeps rejecting his advances because she knows he has commitment issues. Her friends, Celine and Richard, have been dating for four years, but they always seem to be arguing and they’re in therapy, and the worst thing is, the therapist isn’t very helpful you know… Otis’s best friend and business partner, Khalid, is full of our hero’s business acumen. And another friend of his, Judy, I found out that her fiancé was being unfaithful, so she spends a good part of the movie looking wistful.

When Otis finds out he’s been cheated on, the scene mirrors the right moment when Judy discovers she’s been cheated on, with the film trying to suggest that there’s even a similarity between these two life events. Otis reacts to the news not very well, gets drunk at work and ends up dancing inappropriately in the middle of his office. July, on the other hand, deals with her fiance’s infidelity in another way: sleeping with her best friend’s boyfriend.

Disconnect: The Wedding Planner


The biggest problem with this film is that it tries to tell too many stories and ends up telling nothing. Characters are brought in but quickly discarded, plot points remain unresolved, and many scenes are overdramatized. There is not much reason in the way this group of people act, the characters betray a lot, most of these people are not likeable and for small things there is a lot of discussion.

Is “Disconnect: The Wedding Planner” worth watching? Even with its flaws – which every production has – the film conveys important things to the public. For those who are not used to it -like me-, you may find the clothing and food from the Kenyan or Nigerian cultures appealing. The scenery of Monbasa is splendid. The film is a little long, confused the viewer a little, but it’s fun.

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