Disney’s ‘Pinocchio’ oscillates between addressing issues of its roots or modernity


The latest remake of a Disney animated classic occupies a place with a slightly awkward creative middle ground, it oscillates between staying true to its roots but also wanting to be new to modern audiences.

Robert Zemeckis has reclaimed the classic in a way that is high-tech and unalterable as to the source material of the Italian novel and the original 1940 film, but it also showcases new music and some pop culture references, let’s sort them out quite a bit. cheeky. We have “When Wish Upon a Star”, but we also have narrow bits about upbringing, dangers of fame, etc., which results in a confusing mix that offers a few moments of humor without ever being singular and grandiose.

It truly makes a lot of sense that director Zemeckis would want to have taken on this project even as co-writer along with Chris Weitz of ‘About a Boy’. Just as the original ‘Pinocchio’ brought innovation to his artistic career, Zemeckis has always pushed animation and visual effects. And that’s great, as technology has evolved since years ago to keep human characters from looking silly.

But there is still a reality pulsating strongly in many things, details, this new character from ‘Pinocchio’ seems completely animated.



The story is the one you know, it’s a scolding tale regarding staying in school and not becoming an outcast, or even an actor, but in this case there was an update.

The well-known actor Tom Hanks, is in the perfect way of the folkloric tradition of the tale, as the polite and charming woodcarver Gepetto – who makes ‘cuckoo’ clocks with Disney characters, with minute details. Once again he is together with the director of “Foest Guemp”, “Shipwreck”. The actor has a light, playful performance that entertains the audience.

As with any production, there are positives and negatives, and it is too. So let’s address them. Some adventures, for example: a coachman (Luke Evans), who attracts children to get lost in the carnival of controlled chaos, which is the Ilha dos Prazeres, where excess sugar drives children crazy wanting to break things. The quirk of updating a movie years back in this way makes a lot of sense, but the downside is that these corrections seem hollow and don’t add vision. However, the moral of the story is there, namely, the importance of being honest. The character ‘Pinocchio’ learns this by facing the harsh reality of seeing his nose grow with every lie he tells, but here in this context of so many topics covered, it seems a little late to talk about.

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Veteran composer and longtime Zemeckis collaborator Alan Silvestri’s musical work completes ‘Pinocchio’ in a pleasant and cozy way.

However, don’t be discouraged, if this ‘Pinocchio’ doesn’t suit you, Guillermo Del Toro, -according to news from websites abroad- is arriving in December bringing an animated version, in which he gives his own twist to the tale.

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Fun facts about ‘Pinocchio’-Original version

1. About the ‘Talking Cricket’

Designing Jiminy Cricket was not easy, according to reports from international websites. Animator Ward Kimball tried to create as many drawings of crickets as he could, but Walt kept calling them “too gross” until Kimball decided to draw him as a little green man with a big head. Jiminy’s character was also altered from the original novel making him Pinocchio’s consciousness on his journey to become a real boy, very different from his fate in the novel in which he was killed instantly.

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2. 1st Disney Animated Film to Win Original Soundtrack

1st Disney Animated Film to Win Original Soundtrack

‘Pinocchio’ was the first Disney animated film to win Best Original Score and Best Original Song for “When You Wish Upon A Star” at the 13th Academy Awards, according to reports from foreign websites. The next Disney movie to win these categories was Mary Poppins 24 years later.

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