Documentary by Paulo Gustavo: An excellent option to watch at the end of the year


Paulo Gustavo will always be remembered in the history of national culture. And the documentary “Filho da Mãe”, by Prime Video is the immortalization of this legacy and is also its main audiovisual message. The actor and comedian was excellent, and Brazil mourned his loss. Paulo Gustavo’s death was one of the most difficult moments in recent years for those who were his fans, and even for those who weren’t, because we were all scared in the pandemic with many who were gone.

Paulo Gustavo

“Filho da Mãe” pays tribute and shows how Paulo Gustavo was in life as a person, outside of the comedian. By showing unpublished backstage scenes, the film, directed by Susana Garcia, recaps the last months of the artist’s life with her show alongside her beloved mother Déa Lúcia, co-workers, and much more. To see “Filho da Mãe” is to contemplate Paulo Gustavo in his creative peak, of fame, in his personal life, etc., and also shows us a human figure of the comedian, without ceasing to be who he was: a happy man, and of a lot of claw.

The coolest part is having and seeing this intimate access that the production gives us to the artist, even if in front of the cameras with this documentary function, where when watching what was separated and edited, the spectator laughs, cries and gets emotional with testimonials and behind the scenes of the actor’s life, and see how busy it was for him, both in his personal and professional life. Is there a way to watch movies over the internet? Yes, and for free! Download the Youcine apk right now on your android, or TV Box to watch movies, series, cartoons with your children and much more! You will love!

Paulo Gustavo

“Filho da Mãe” then goes through all the most remarkable moments in Paulo Gustavo’s life, the beginning of his career alongside names now also known as Fabio Porchat and Samantha Schmutz, the inspirations for the composition of his greatest character, Dona Hermínia, which started on the stages (they were always very crowded!) and then moved to the cinemas, with three films and without a doubt with the historic mark of bringing more people to the cinemas with a national film. On the professional issue, even his personal life with the relationship with Thales Bretas, the documentary covers, and also shows, the beginning of the composition of a family with the arrival of the 2 children, where Paulo Gustavo and his mother made a last presentation of the play and the children were born in the USA. ”Filho da Mãe” shows these main moments in Paulo Gustavo’s life and that give a much greater and deeper importance to the artist, and also to the person he was.

Paulo Gustavo

The film “Son of a Mother” shows two completely different sides of feelings. The documentary has its most impactful moments, when Garcia starts to advance in the timeline that the film shows, and the happy part becomes sad with the events at the end of 2020 and 2021. Even with almost 2 hours of documentary (which passes quickly in this case), the tone quickly changes in its final moments and makes us reflect on the importance of everything that happened.

Testimonials by Mônica Martelli, Paulo Gustavo’s sister, Ju Amaral, are among the most powerful, other names also pay homage to the artist, such as presenter Pedro Bial, and comedian Marcus Majella. Others are felt, for not appearing on screen, like the comedian Tatá Werneck.

And in the end, the importance of “Filho da Mãe” is very clear for us to celebrate the life and importance of Paulo Gustavo for Brazilian culture, where he managed to enter the homes of thousands of Brazilians with an accessible humor and also debated important topics for Brazilian society with that derisive and characteristic way that only Paulo Gustavo had, and which is, and will certainly be, greatly missed.

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Paulo Gustavo

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