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Coming after The Last of Us show “Long Long Time”, the 4th episode, called “Please Hold My Hand”, refocuses on Joel and Ellie’s trek west and introduces a new character who could potentially, cause the story of the show. The opening of the episode with Ellie pointing her stealthily obtained gun at a mirror in an abandoned gas station is a poignant juxtaposition that sets the “air” for what happens next. Her posture says “Taxi Driver”, but her mouth doesn’t. She’s a tough kid…but she’s still a kid.

Long Long Time

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This two-sided diversity is conveyed throughout the episode. The gun is a direct line here, representing the violence that Joel seems to want to protect Ellie from. The other object that acts as a symbol is Ellie’s joke book, which underscores the fact that she is growing on Joel, and that he no longer sees her as “cargo” – he is starting to really care about her.

Joel and Ellie being ambushed in Kansas City and crashing their truck into a laundromat looks like a classic PlayStation encounter, but what follows is new. Ellie saves Joel with the gun she stole, and instead of criticizing her for lying, he simply hands it over. Later, he teaches her how to deal with it in a correct way. Especially in these scenes, the performances of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are different, and the material allows body language and behavior to tell the story.

Then we meet Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey), the one in charge of a militant rebel faction that has evidently taken control of the city of Phaedra. As for Lynskey, she certainly does a fantastic job of appearing both formidable and ruthless, while letting her character’s humanity seep in just enough. She’s going after Henry and Sam, and Joel and Ellie, and when she takes the life of the doctor who actually delivered her to the world, we know she’s likely to do a lot worse to Henry for betraying his late brother to Phaedra.

Long Long Time

It’s good to see Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have the confidence to extend the original story with a new character like Kathleen. Being that she’s been so involved with Henry since the beginning. There’s still time to see how Kathleen impacts events in the future.

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A sign of things to come is the sinkhole that Kathleen and her cohort Perry (Jeffrey Pierce) find in the warehouse of the abandoned building where Henry and Sam are hiding, a big problem indeed going to the surface, and Kathleen’s decision to keeping it a secret until they sort out their issue with Henry will no doubt be back to do something with them.

The final scenes of the episode hint at Joel and Ellie’s past. Joel somehow ends up confessing that he killed innocent people to survive in the years since the outbreak, and that he doesn’t want that for Ellie. When he remembers her mentioning that she herself hurt people, she denies talking about it.

The idea and way of building the relationship

The way this production is building Joel and Ellie’s relationship, stone by fragile stone, is very well thought out. You feel the heat building between the two. Henry and Sam holding guns to their heads to end the episode is a cliffhanger that tries, and with Kathleen and her people together, the mix looks like it will result in a 5th episode.

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