Ellen Pompeo, aka Meredith, will leave the series “Grey’s Anatomy”


“Grey’s Anatomy” – the highly watched medical series – reached its 19th season. With each new season, it is understood that actress Ellen Pompeo, who plays the main character of the series, Meredith Grey, will continue to play the role. But now, the moment to say goodbye has arrived. The series “Grey’s Anatomy” began in 2005 on the American ABC network and Ellen Pompeo plays the protagonist of the series from the beginning, in the first episode. Most of the actors from the original cast left the production as the years went by. Only Pompeo (Meredith), Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey) and James Pickens Jr. (Richard Webber) have participated in every season of the series so far.

Grey's Anatomy

According to information from Deadline, the premiere of the second part of the 19th season – which will take place in the United States on February 23 – will be the episode in which Meredith Gray will leave the series.

The information was confirmed by a promotional video for the return of “Grey’s Anatomy” after the hiatus. In it, it is emphasized that “Meredith leaves Seattle”, with images of an apparent farewell party for the doctor. You can watch this video through this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ07XWcebXE . Her departure will be no less dramatic than that of other characters.

Meredith, apparently will remain in Boston, where she must move with her daughter Zola (Aniela Gumbs), after receiving an offer to work with Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams), another character who left the main list to appear only as guest


The episode will have the title “I’ll Follow the Sun”, or “I will follow the sun”, in free translation. Pompeo’s departure is prompted by the actress’ own desire to cut her season 19 appearances down to just eight episodes, which includes an appearance in the season finale. Which app is used to watch free series? Youcine, of course! Download it on your android or on your TV Box or Smart TV and check out many series! In addition to movies, anime, cartoons and much more!

Grey's Anatomy

But even with the departure, Pompeo will not leave the series entirely. Although Pompeo is starring in and producing an eight-episode limited series for Hulu about a Midwestern couple who adopt a child with a rare form of dwarfism, she will continue to narrate all episodes of Season 19 and may continue to do so in other seasons.

Pompeo will also stay on as an executive producer. With other characters popping up after her departure throughout the series, it could very well be that Meredith could return in other seasons as well.

The doubt of many fans now is: With the departure of Ellen Pompeo from “Grey’s Anatomy” does the series continue? Yes! Not long ago, the series began to focus on the new group of inmates introduced at the beginning of the season. While renewal talks have yet to start for a 20th season, the good reception towards the new characters could see another season in development very soon.

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Grey's Anatomy

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