‘Elvis’ an extremely good production


The movie ‘Elvis’ debuted on screens in Brazilian cinemas promising to tell the life and career story of one of rock’s icons, and it did not disappoint. Exceeding the exaggeration of the clothes, the scenes and the production of the photos, the film shows a lot of potential to enrapture the audience.

Mentioning that the film is overkill is not in itself a bad point. Since everything that refers to this artist is too big, the feature could not be different. In this way, this was director Baz Luhrmann’s biggest hit. The production has 2 hours and 40 minutes, the fascinating thing is that the viewer doesn’t even feel these hours of so good it is to watch the story of one of the biggest stars in the world.


The film portrays the story of Elvis from his very difficult childhood to his downfall, passing, of course, through his rise, when he becomes one of the most famous and also highly paid singers in the United States. The ‘King of Rock’ was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, in 1953, according to research the boy had a twin brother, named Jesse, who died 35 minutes after birth and was buried in a shoebox, since the family had no financial resources not even for the coffin. The family’s bad events did not stop there: his father was arrested for embezzlement, while Elvis and his mother were evicted from where they lived, going to live in a neighborhood of black people (at that time racial segregation was very present). , the boy’s life goes on always surrounded by black influences.

Elvis then starts singing in a band and his voice surprises Tom Parker (Tom Hanks), a greedy man who used to punch people. And it’s exactly on Tom Parker’s vision that the plot is told. The first scenes of the film focus on the businessman, and after that, the production turns to Elvis.

Extremes at the correct point

Actor Austin Butler sensationally starred in the personality of the star, of course abusing the extreme. From the way of dancing with the hips to the tone of voice, through the way of speaking with the mouth half open looking and pointing down, everything is interpreted millimetrically.

According to journalistic information, he was the one who sang in the young phase of Elvis in the film. The costumes and characterization are very well done, especially in the final scenes of the feature, in which the singer is sick, overweight, in his last show before he died. Everything fades away with time, except the voice!

Elvis’ Businessman

Tom Parker is a greedy businessman who knows absolutely nothing about music and sucks everything he can from the singer to support his gambling addiction. Tom Hanks sets the right tone for the character, who ends his life alone and wanders around Las Vegas casinos.


Astro’s wife

In addition to the two protagonists, Priscilla Presley (Olivia DeJonge), the star’s wife, and their daughter Lisa Marie also appear.

Elvis Persecuted

Elvis was persecuted by conservative groups at the time who saw this style of dancing – not just the sway – lust and sin. In more traditional newspapers, he was nicknamed “Elvis The Pelvis” for his way of performing at shows.

Tom Parker then tries to change this mode to not displease this elite and continue earning money. However, what bothered him the most was not just the roll, the hair and the eye makeup, but the fact that Elvis sings and dances like a black person.

It’s part of your history

The singer-star lived his entire life surrounded by people of color, called, at the time, people of color, and this is well portrayed in the film, which shows the relationship between Elvis and B.B King (Kelvin Harrison). It was in the church of black people that he learned to dance, which would later become one of his trademarks.

In his repertoire he mixed gospel, funk and soul, and with that Elvis conquered the United States. But at a time when segregationism was strong, in which there were physical barriers separating blacks and whites, singing like a black sounded like an extreme offense to society.

Elvis had the talent of a black man with the sensitivity and positivity of a white man, and that allowed him to become a star, even if he had to go against the grain of the day. A striking point of the film is when he comments with B.B King that they are trying to arrest him because of his way of dancing. The friend responds by saying that Elvis is white and can do whatever he wants, while he, being black, can be arrested just for crossing the street.

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Elvis Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Who has never heard of the star ‘Elvis Presley’, right? And that’s why even those who aren’t a fan or don’t know much about the singer’s personal life and career are likely to like the film. That’s because the plot is very well constructed, the costumes bring a nostalgic air and the greatest hits pack more than two hours. Tom Hanks and Austin Butler get the job done, and there’s really no denying that Elvis’ story alone is worth it.

The interesting thing is that in this production, the ‘Rock Star’ regrets being close to turning forty and never having done anything memorable. But what he could not even imagine that 45 years after his death, he would continue to be one of the main rock stars and win a film production about his life and career.

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