“Emancipation” comprova qualidade do ator Will Smith


There are many criticisms of this production in which Will Smith stars as a slave. But I think that as always, everything has two sides. So let’s go! It is true that the actor made a mistake “letting go of his hand” in the face of presenter Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscar ceremony, but he is still a great actor and has already apologized for it. Without further ado here, let’s review this work.

“Emancipacion” is directed by Antoine Fucqua – Training Day – who is a black director and gives a better vision to the production. Actor Will Smith stars as Whipped Peter, an enslaved man who manages to escape and is photographed by the United States Army. He is left with horrible scars on his body, which are caused by the physical abuse suffered by white slaveholders.


I’m white, and in fact I can’t understand how difficult and painful it is for black people to go through this. And I don’t know if the white population will really understand all this one day.

Returning to the film…. , Peter then flees through the swamps of Louisiana and arrives at an Army base of Abraham Lincoln, believing that he would be free. As usual, black people were “recruited” to war with the abolitionist Union. It was during this recruitment that this photograph below was taken.

The film reproduces the historical scene with Peter – who was actually named Gordon. This photo is from the year 1863. Peter who inspired the film, passed away in the year 1907.

In 2021, last year, actor Smith aimed to lose weight for the character and shared his routine on social media. The difference was very clear, and it was worth actor Will Smith’s dedication to this character. Is there a way to watch movies over the internet? Yes, and it’s free! That’s right, just download the free youcine app on your iphone, android or on your Smart TV or TV Box and watch it, in addition to being able to watch many other movies, series, anime, cartoons with the kids, talk shows, tv and a lot more! So, download the free youcine apk now! There are always new movies and etc…!

Will Smith’s performance in “Emancipation”

The actor has a firm performance and is very dedicated to the character, the actor’s own marks, which have already provided him with more awards. But, as we know the actor is banned from the ceremony to win an Oscar for ten years, for what happened to Rok.

The film was right to show the contradiction of good white men with enslavement. Christians who pray and thank God for the meal and then hunt humans as if they were inferior races.

Also interesting were the scenes that showed the wars, especially for those who like history, as it gives a quick look at the Civil War.

The film “Emancipation”, shows the difficult situation of slaves in North America and the absurdity by which black people had to submit.

The moment when the actor would be attacked in the film, did not appear, there was not. I can say that this act was respectful not only with the memory of Peter -who became an abolitionist symbol all over the world- but also with the spectators who would suffer together, right? After all, cinema has this power, messing with our mind, emotions, body and spirit!

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