Film ‘Duetto’ (2022) Features a Cast of Weight


When movies show what we live or risk living, it is very attractive to watch, isn’t it? So today I’m going to write about a family drama that everyone goes through, isn’t it? It is involving when we discover its motives and variants during the course of this story. This is good because it gives us time to bond and get involved with the characters. But, like every production, ‘Duetto’, by Vicente Amorim, also shows its negative side and becomes predictable very quickly, and such process doesn’t flow as it should.



‘Duetto’ is set in Italy, in the year 1965, and tells the story of an encounter between Cora, who is a Brazilian teenager, and the famous and controversial Italian singer Marcello Bianchini. But the story begins in São Paulo. After the tragedy of her father’s death in a car accident, Cora travels with her grandmother, Lucia, to her hometown in Puglia. Between memories of her family’s past, and the dramas and stories of the little Italian town, Cora will travel her way to maturity and adulthood.

A Contention Between Sisters

Although the synopsis focuses on Cora (Luisa Arraes), the main -and in my opinion most interesting- conflict is between her grandmother Lucia (Marieta Severo) and her sister Sofia (Elisabetta de Palo). The sisters are estranged after a fight that took place 40 years ago, and when Lucia returns we notice her discomfort in front of Gino (Giancarlo Giannini), Sofia’s husband. It is in this trio that the best dialogues and performances are found, but the obvious twist manages to break the expectation of following the development of these characters.


The plot of Cora focuses on the impulsive and sometimes discordant reactions of a teenage girl who has lost her father, whom she loved dearly. Nevertheless, the script errs a bit in portraying these feelings and creates some disconcerting scenes. In this way, her infatuation with singer Marcello Bianchini (Michelle Morrone) causes her to go on an investigation, which doesn’t really fit the film and doesn’t even have a conclusion.

More Depth

The film is set in Italy, is spoken in two languages, deals with a music festival and photography, and fails to use that opportunity for something bigger. In fact, what fits most well throughout the film is the grandmother plot. The interpersonal relationships of the characters come together only because time has somehow helped, and there are no major consequences to anyone’s actions. Besides, who wouldn’t enjoy a drama that involves the talented Marieta Severo and the other good actors, right?

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