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Tom Hanks

In “Captain Philips” (2013) -which you can find in the Youcine free apk- Paul Greengrass presents his work with resources to give veracity to his story. The choice not to deal with night images, in addition to less technical, but impactful points represented mostly by the almost amateur and anonymous cast, give the narrative the tension that permeates the entire film.

When narrating the lack of luck of the commander of the American freighter MV Maersk Alabama, which transports a batch of food to donate, when he realizes that the vessel is at risk of an assault by Somali pirates, he manages to throw them off in time. But what he didn’t know is that the thieves hadn’t given up; in a second attempt, despite all the efforts that Richard Phillips makes use of, they invade the ocean liner and what you see from that is a movie plot twist show.

The criminals surrender the crew and a chase game begins between Phillips and Muse, the gang leader. Even if subjugated, the captain does not give in, he is always thinking of some plan in order to put an end to the resistance of the Somalis, who are gradually losing power over the sailors. While they still feel invincible, delinquents take advantage.

The contrast of Muse’s naturalness, experienced by Somali Barkhad Abdi, with all the practice of Tom Hanks is certainly the high point in the work of Greengrass, a director who already has experience. There is no small role for Tom Hanks – as seen in the big-headed blockbusters “Apollo 13: From Disaster to Triumph (1995), directed by Ron Howard, “Saving Private Ryan” (1998), by Steven Spielberg; and the well-known “The Castaway” (2000), taken to the screen by Robert Zemeckis; and for some unabashedly commercial productions like “The Da Vinci Code” (2006), by Howard too – and at this moment he proves to be one of the greatest actors in Hollywood.

Tom Hanks

One of Hollywood’s Greatest Actors

The greatness of Hanks and the spontaneity of Abdi feed each other, one of the secrets of the excellent reception of the film with the public and the critics, even if some punctual censorship is necessary. The opening part when Phillips is taken to the airport by his wife, Andrea, an affective participation of Catherine Keener, artificial perhaps, but I take it for granted that Greengrass felt it necessary to compose the commander of the MV Maersk Alabama as a good man, an exemplary family man and devoted husband – as if Richard Phillips didn’t reveal himself in such a way in the course of history – treating the broken foot of Bilal, the most clumsy of the pathetic members of the gang led by Muse – even though it was the captain himself who ordered his men, hidden in the engine room, who spread the glass on the floor when they noticed that Barkhad Abdirahman’s character was barefoot — this to leave out the actor’s own good-naturedness, who for forty years has been bypassing the battery of scandals that fulminate your colleagues.

The amateurism of the Somalis is astounding. Upon learning about the contents that the MV Maersk Alabama is carrying and that the freighter’s safe has only thirty thousand dollars, Muse’s reaction is poignant, who seems to be content to steal the amount, a lot of money for him, but requested by Najee, by Faysal Ahmed, doesn’t give up. Phillips’ team is released by the Somalis, but the commander remains in the hands of the bandits, closely followed by a legion of military and police. Phillips remains cold-blooded until the end, when, finally, he “disappoints” the viewer. First, when he intuited that the situation could descend to the irremediable and launch himself into the open sea in an attempt to escape, which infuriates the gang even more, then, when Muse, is finally stopped, and he can finally collapse. Muse’s only victory was getting rid of Somali’s misery and, ultimately, being sent to a maximum security penitentiary in the United States. Richard Phillips went on sick leave and returned to work fourteen months later.

Tom Hanks

From time to time, humanity, immersed in pitch black and almost indispensible, needs headlights. Presenting the journey of the brave captain who alone faces a horde of the wicked, Paul Greengrass lights a candle for the man, in one of the plots full of twists per minute in the history of cinema. You can’t miss this film! Download your Youcine free apk right now on your Smart TV, Tv box, android or cell phone and enjoy! Also access our social networks: on instagram-youcineoficial, or on Youtube on the Youcine channel.

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