Five explosive action movies you need to watch


Scenes full of adrenaline and explosions are indispensable elements in good action movies. And we have great tips for you who have already downloaded your Youcine apk for free on your tv box or on yourphone.

1. Fast and Furious : Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

Fast and Furious : Hobbs & Shaw

Let’s start the list with one of the most successful movie . After all, like it or not, her strength among action films is undeniable. Hobbs & Shawn is a spin-off of the main saga of The Fast and the Furious, released in 2019 and starring Dwayne Johnson e Jason Stantham . In the plot, we see the alliance of Luke Hobbs and Deckhard Shawn, a policeman and an outlaw. The duo’s objective is to fight a genetically modified terrorist. For lovers of this aspect, with lots of shots and explosions, Hobbs & Shawn is a full plate. And great news: the film’s vocabulary is super simple, with everyday American slang. Download the Youcine apk now on your Smart TV and enjoy!

2. Mad Max: Fury Road  (2015)

Mad Max: Fury Road

Considered a modern classic, the film is a version of the 1979 film. Marc Miller, director of both the original and the new, had 10 Oscar nominations and six wins for Fury Road. The film tells the story of Max and his alliance with the Empress against cult leader Immortan Joe. The story takes place in a desert and post-apocalyptic setting, gasoline and water are indispensable to ensure survival. So, expect vocabulary focused on this chaotic scenario. The Fury Road has a powerful cast, which justifies all the success and awards. It brings names like Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, who star in Max Rockantansky and the Furious Empress. Download your apk for free now on your android to watch this movie, series and more!

3. Cobra (1986)

Cobra (1986)

After playing Rocky Balboa and John Rambo, Sylvester Stallone plays the role of police officer Marlon Cobretti in this 1986 title. The story chronicles his challenges in stopping a series of murders committed by a secret society, the New Order. And also the development of his relationship with model Ingrid. In addition to acting, he also takes on the script. The direction is by George P. Cosmatos. Enjoy watching movies over the internet by downloading your youcine apk on your android, tv box!

4. The Avengers (2012)

The Avengers (2012)

In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of superhero movies. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the saga of Marvel’s Avengers was the great franchise of this genre. Counting on names like Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson in the cast, the first film in the series marked a generation. Here, we follow the theft of the cosmic cube by Loki, brother of Thor. As a consequence, Nick Fury assembles a group of superheroes to retrieve the object. So here in the plot we see important characters from the comics, see Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk etc. This action movie resulted in four more titles that made up the complex Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even the 2019 Endgame was a major milestone in cinema in recent years. Watch now for free on your Youcine apk or on your Samsung or android phone. Free series and movies on the internet, download now!

5. 007 GoldenEye (1995)

007 GoldenEye

The charming British secret agent James Bond is one of the most iconic figures in action movies. And Pierce Brosnan’s performance in this title lives up to the character. Directed by Martin Campbell, the film follows 007’s efforts to prevent the GoldenEye satellite from falling into the wrong hands. To overcome this challenge, the agent seeks help from a computer expert, Natalya Simonova. 007 against GoldenEye is a British-American work in which the protagonist is an authentic Brit. With youcine apk for PC you can download free movies on your pc and watch movies, series, anime and much more! Don’t miss the opportunity to download the Youcine apk to your pc or android!

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