Heleno: O Príncipe Maldito


Heleno de Freitas describes himself in a very curious way when interviewed by a journalist in “Heleno: O Príncipe Maldito”: “I’m not a genius, I just know what I like: “Goals, little belts and cadillacs”. A film made by José Henrique Fonseca, which has Rodrigo Santoro as the protagonist.

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Heleno: O Príncipe Maldito

The film is inspired by the book by journalist Marcos Eduardo Neves “There was never a man like Heleno”. The production shows the life of Heleno de Freitas, a former soccer player for the teams of Botafogo, Vaso da Gama, América and Boca Juniors, very famous in the 40s, who got involved in a life of excesses, he ended up being abandoned by many people, and he even asked for alms in the street. The player died of syphilis in a sanatorium at the age of 39. Director José Henrique Fonseca brings his work in classic black and white, and shows the end of his story and goes back to follow some moments in the life of one of the greatest symbols of Brazilian football.

About the story

There are some issues that viewers and you readers should know before watching this cinematographic work, if you expect a detailed story of Heleno’s life, then look for search engines to search, as Fonseca approaches the player in his own way, he shows what you see on the outside only.

Far beyond being able to follow his marriage and Heleno’s relationship with his lover -who he can’t let go of- we also see a very incoherent and complicated man to understand, as it seems that he seeks fame (and not victories), for the other side is crazy about his work group, stating that “he is not a football player . He is a Botafogo player”, when he is forced to leave his favorite club.

Even so, “Heleno: O Príncipe Maldito” takes a while to pick up pace, we see that the first third had little substance. However, as the film progresses, the production is filled with more Heleno stories, and then Rodrigo Santoro starts to loosen up. Along with Santoro, there are two more actresses who already have solidity: one is Alinne Moraes (O Homem do Futuro) and the other is Angie Cepeda (O Amor dos Tempos de Colera), they do their roles very well, being in evidence in certain moments. Just like Rodrigo Santoro is brilliant in the last third of the film.

The film has drawn comparisons from the US press to Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull, which is a triumph.

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Heleno: O Príncipe Maldito

World Cup Match Results

12/14/2022- France 2 x 0 Morocco

Upcoming World Cup Games

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Players from Croatia and Morocco, defeated in the semifinals, will play for third place a day earlier, on Saturday, December 17 (12/17), also at 12:00 (Brasília time).

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