Is Elite worth watching?


What was your high school life like? Are you walking with friends every day: agreeing to go to and from school, having lunch together, lying on the school playground together to share a day of school life? Is the whole campus life according to the rules of the school or according to your own ideas? Or like them?


How many season does Elite have?

It’s now the fifth season.Elite tells: Las Encinas is the best and most accessible school in Spain, and it is also where the children of the elite go to. After the earthquake destroyed a civilian school, the local council decided to divide the students into local schools, and three children from working families came to this aristocratic school. A poor child with nothing meets a rich second generation with everything, and a fierce conflict erupts that eventually leads to murder. So, who is the culprit?
Elite is the second Spanish original series under Netflix, and it is also the most-played foreign-language drama in Netflix’s history. Championship. The plot of this TV series is not like those Oscar-winning movies that require you to constantly think and ask questions. It just captures the key that is now popular all over the world – appearance! You can see a lot of handsome guys and beauties in this drama , young power!


Why is Elite so popular?

Don’t you wonder why such a TV series describing campus life is so popular? If you want to find the reason, then you must come to Youcine, you can not only know what happened between these young people, but also find more complicated things! In Youcine you can not only download this TV series to watch anytime and anywhere, but also find many HD movies in 4k version! There are also special thematic categories! That’s it, aren’t you curious?

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