‘Isn’t It Romantic’ movie is in the exact measure of a comedy


How could they not have thought of this before? I think they’ve even thought about it, but not yet in that way, a little more serious or even a little more despicable.

“Megarromantic” hits exactly the middle and features excellent comedian Rebel Wilson from the “Pitch Perfect” trilogy playing Natalie, who hates romantic comedies because her stereotype is never portrayed as a winner and ends up being invisible and insignificant to most men , and his skepticism ends up containing the advances of best friend Josh (Adam Devine who was his love interest in “Pitch Perfect” as well).


After being in an accident and hitting her head, Natalie wakes up in a parallel reality that portrays all the clichés of a romantic comedy, which makes her even more angry, until she meets the charming heartthrob Blake (Liam Hemsworth of “Murder To Order”). ”), and tries to figure out what to do to return to his reality.

The director Todd Strauss-Schulson , based on the film of this romantic comedy another production: “Pretty Woman”, with Julia Roberts. In addition to the concept of the production “Terror Behind the Scenes” to mess with the clichés of horror movies – and applied to romantic comedies.

With the well done and mocking touch of Rebel Wilson, the production found a perfect and excellent tune. His performance within a fantasy context, makes the combination – within the objective – credible to the viewer, which manages to make the absurdities even funnier: the costumes taken from Julia Roberts, the night of love that already jumps to the next day, the friend gay supporting role (check out “My Best Friend’s Wedding”), and many others are made with just the right pinch of humor. Even the musical numbers, such as the great sequence with the well-known and beloved song ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ by Whitney Houston, became a great attraction.

So the movie “Megarromantic” has an excellent and compelling approach to romantic comedy, and shows that an inspired Rebel Wilson as she is, manages to carry the film with strength and talent.
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Some curiosities:

  1. All of Natalie’s alternate reality costumes were donned – in their respective sizes – by Julia Roberts’ character in “Pretty Woman”.
  1. Rebem Wilson and Adam Devine have acted opposite each other so many times as romantic couples that Adam has nicknamed Rebem “my work wife”. The scene outside the police station was filmed in front of the “Friends” building, which is visible in the background.
  2. To use the sequence with Madonna’s song ‘Express Yourself’, the singer herself had to approve who would sing from the cast.

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