“Jessica Jones” Season Three Marks A Painful Farewell

Jessica Jones

After the second season, which seems to have displeased some critics and fans, actress Jessica Jones had the heavy burden of producing a third season that could return the series to the high level of the first.

This season of ‘Jessica Jones’ fixes the mistakes of the previous one, creates memorable relationships between her characters.

The great villains of these series are not capable of destroying the world, but they represent crime. Daredevil had to save an old lady who was threatened by the real estate mob, Luke Cage tried to save the neighborhood from drugs and gang violence, while Jessica Jones went after a psychopath who embodied the harassment suffered by women. All of these are weighty issues that involve society, much more real and flashy than alien invasions. It’s no wonder that the inability to deal with mystical elements in the first season of Iron Fist represents the lowest point in the Marvel/Netflix microverse.

The biggest problem with Jessica Jones about season 2 was having to deal with the character after ‘The Defenders’. After Jessica helped save New York City and battled a powerful ninja clan, how can she create a challenge that matches the heroine? Well then, Jessica’s powers were then given, but greater, to her mother. The investigative series returned to success as it discusses issues such as vigilante moral principles, the limit range of police officers and the need to trust justice.

Is it all worth doing good?

When the entire world is in danger, there’s no time to question whether the Avengers’ actions are indeed founded on justice? The answer is that when it comes to would-be heroes who decide to hunt down common thieves, the legal discussion becomes much more challenging. After all, the best villains unfortunately always find a reason for their bad actions, and what makes them villains is exactly the fact that these same attitudes are reprehensible and independent of any justification. Now in cases of self-defense it is different, it is necessary that the Law condemns physical aggression; and even in self-defense, excesses must be condemned. So, with extremely powerful beings roaming the streets, what sets them apart from any villain? This is the question that is addressed in the third season of ‘Jessica Jones’, which with a well-defined theme manages to sustain thirteen episodes without excesses. You who are reading this review must be thinking: Is there a way to download free movies and series? Download the Youcine free apk right now and check everything out for free!

Jessica Jones

As soon as the season begins, it shows a Jessica (Krysten Ritter) who fights her self-destructive impulses to try to have good attitudes, within the limits of what the law allows. Alcoholism is still a problematic issue, as is antisocial behavior, but her late mother’s conviction serves as a major impetus for Jessica to decide to get better. But those plans will be made very difficult by Trish (Rachael Taylor), who after gaining powers last season decides to become a vigilante herself. In addition, the discovery of a serial killer puts Jessica’s life in danger, as despite being a normal human Gregory Salinger (Jeremy Bobb) is very calculating, detail-oriented and also very intelligent.

The characters will be pitted against each other throughout the season, as Jessica’s doubts about her role as a hero will be heightened by the presence of the sister and the villain. Both Trish and Salinger are people full of certainty, who believe in the purpose of their mission and justify actions that could be frowned upon according to the results. But it is in the media that the discussion of vigilantism finds itself, since the actions of the heroes also need to be aligned with the forces of public security, and open to the detailed examination of society. As much as this is a season of ‘Jessica Jones’, the series quickly turns into a contest for Trish’s soul.

The secondary characters, new or already known, end up having the same question. If, on the one hand, the presence of powers is indicative of the responsibility that an individual has to make the world better, on the other hand, it does not mean that a vigilante must be above the law. What, then, should be the boundary between the good that must be done and the limits that must have? Jessica Jones walked through the gray areas of legality, but it is in this third season that the issue comes to the fore. This is only possible because the entire cast does its best to build human relationships that impact, while the writing and directing team takes the focus away from powers to make more room for drama. And with references and some appearances from other sister series, Jessica Jones has a sensational end. In addition to series, you must be wondering how to watch movies online for free on your cell phone, just download the Youcine free apk and enjoy all the programming! Enjoy!

Jessica Jones


The team involved with the series showed that they know how to learn from mistakes. As with Daredevil, Luke Cage, and even Iron Fist, the new season of Jessica Jones brings back the best elements of the original season, with the human drama once again in the foreground. In addition, the excessive action scenes, which are at odds with the intimate tone of the investigative show, were cut almost entirely, which means that this third season also doesn’t have all the pacing problems of the previous one. Finally, then Jessica Jones returns to discussing the issues of limits between the responsibility of the powerful and the need to follow the law.

The cast is sensational and awakens in the public the desire to follow this journey for longer. If you are interested in watching this series for free, just download the Youcine free app and watch everything, in addition to movies, anime, cartoons and animated movies! Don’t waste time, download the Youcine free apk now and check it all out for free!

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