John Wick: The Killing World of the Suit Mob Series in Chapter 4


From the silent debut of John Wick in 2014 to the worldwide release of this year’s highly anticipated John Wick: Chapter 4, the fast-moving series has been completed for nearly 10 years. During this decade, the action series has become a trend in the action film world due to its unique style.

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John Wick

John Wick: From excessive convergence to novelty

After the end of New Hollywood, there seem to be three trends in Hollywood action movies from the 1980s to the present, corresponding to three different styles.

The first is the hardstyle, represented by Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, etc. They showcase traditional male beauty: muscular, strong and powerful, while also contributing classic characters such as Rambo and Rocky. This image of the tough guy is very common nowadays, such as Vin Diesel, The Rock Johnson, Jason Statham and so on.

The second is science fiction. Actually that’s not strictly an action movie, but there’s no denying that sci-fi action movies have been a trend, from the early days of Star Wars, the Matrix, to the recent years of Transformers, the Players of Number One, the continuation of Callie and various movie super-Britanicos without special effects.

The latter is also the path followed by the Speed series: Agent of the Wind/Killer. Most of the films are based on career stories, hit men or veterans, the classic Three Agents series (007, Mission Impossible, Spy Spy) and series such as Liam Nathan’s Deliverance and Gerard Butler’s Fall, with largely similar character backgrounds.

John Wick

The term “fusion” also highlights the aesthetic pressure Hollywood action filmmaking places on audiences. According to Baidu’s definition, the shocked action movie is the classic philosophy of Hollywood embodied “fists (violence) and pillows (sex), while the content is really even: the shooting, the speed of the car bombardment, the program is consistent, so the video can significantly improve the vision, and even praised as” ace “, “city”, “rescue” plan in a long way.

So how did John Wick break this homogenisation? In fact, the Speed series is a kind of “throwback” action movie, with some even referring to a “rebirth”; With the influx of special effects and the decline of professional action actors (kung fu stars like Jackie Chan and Jet Li didn’t follow suit), the genre is dying out. The reason for the success of the Shippuden collection is retro and innovative. The next article will discuss style, editing, and photography in detail.

John Wick Style: Evolution and integration of Eastern elements

John Wick

The show has been described as “minimalist” and even features phrases such as “blood crime caused by dogs.” But in fact, the former is more like a water test, and the construction of the “killer universe” gradually expands as the latter begins, and contains strong orientations. The protagonist, John, is not so much a blacksmith as a gentleman familiar with the rules of the assassin world.

So we can see that John is constantly in conflict with his principles while following the rules of the murderous world. A second explosion, finally inside the Continental Hotel, puzzles and kills, which makes John have another gentlemanly quality, and forced to leave the mountain and take revenge.

And the popular movies, we can see a large number of other races, like John’s home, the Japanese killers, and a large number of Asian nationalities, are the history of the universe and rich killers, the third part of the “attack” group boss, Donnie Yen and: the fourth part is impressive. The team also plans to set up scenes, such as the fourth part of the Japanese Mainland Hotel, killing under cherry blossoms, symbolizing purity and nobility, with a bit of Eastern Zen.

John Wick

In some action Bridges, the director also emphasizes a romanticization, like in the third film, when John rides a revolver just to shoot, which is not really “realistic”, the weight is in the performance; At the Continental Hotel, there was no foul play. In the second film, the romance of the lake is further enhanced when two people who wrote the script in the first second fall out of the hotel and join the bar.

The development of Hollywood action films is deeply influenced by the century aesthetics of Hong Kong martial arts films such as Violence, John Woo and Yuen Woo-ping. Ben, who delivered weapons to Hollywood without any of the so-called Hollywood action movie concept of martial arts, had a huge change and also profoundly influenced the style of director Quentin Tarantino. From the “Flying” series, we can seem to see the shadow of the decline of Hong Kong films, which can be said to be another kind of retro.

Editing: Continuity of action sequences

John Wick

The homogenization mentioned in the previous article also shows up in tailoring. In the late 1970s, many American music video and advertising directors entered the film industry. The frequency of shot editing increased, and rapid editing and clip editing flourished in action films. This is the most classic action movie, The Bourne Ultimatum.

Handheld photography + quick shake shots + lots of close-ups and close-ups + seamless cropping to create an extremely compact, rigorous and intense look. For its excellent editing, it also won the Academy Award for Best Editing at the 80th Academy Awards. The table below shows the scene at the customs office in Naples, Italy. The entire video was shot in 23 shots, mostly close-ups. The confrontation with the black killer in Morocco is a classic of the classics. It was a huge success in terms of animation, soundtrack and editing.

It can be argued that without such editing, the image of Bourne as an agent could not have been established. It is threatened by habitat loss. Next, we will focus on an episode in which John is shot in the ruins of Rome, following the murder of the queen of the Italian family.

John Wick

Once John gets the gun, he moves on to phase two. As the rifle’s featured footage cuts to a medium viewing Angle, several scenes are interspersed with John changing the magazine. Change rifles and proceed to stage three. Here is the same piece of tens of seconds, and connected many times the lens axis, left and right open arc.

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