‘Moriah’s Lighthouse’ Perfect Romance to Watch Over the Weekend


With costs rising and people feeling the financial squeeze everywhere, you may be having a hard time finding where to vacation. So I bring good ideas here for you. Brittany, France, is a beautiful place and you can get to know it without leaving your home, watching director Stefan Sacini’s film, Moriah’s Lighthouse.

Moriah's Lighthouse

Actress Rachelle Lefevre makes her debut as Moriah, a talented woodworking artisan who wants to earn good money so she can fulfill her dream of owning and renovating the lighthouse that has belonged to her family for generations.

The girl was orphaned at an early age and raised by her dear aunt Catherine (Valeria Cavalli), and the two get along very well.
Moriah lives in one of the most romantic countries in the world, but he had never been in love. But when American architect Ben (Luke Macfarlane) arrives in town, their paths meet and something happens.

Actors Rachelle and Luke work well together, creating a possible journey in which two people who go from being a little annoyed with each other can come to fall in love in the end.

This production was written and produced by Paul Campbell, who has been in other films as well. He and director Stefan Scaini use the city to their advantage, including the beauty of the area. The cast consists of Rachelle Lefevre, Luke Macfarlane and Valeria Cavalli.

Where was ‘Moriah’s Lighthouse’ filmed?

‘Moriah’s Lighthouse’ was filmed on location in Brittany, France, and filming at the Hotel Castel Beau felt authentic. There is a lot of charm in this small town on display, and the full use of color and sensational views near the lighthouse are impressive. But you will have to see it to know much more about the beauty of this place. Do you know how to watch movies on Smart TV for free? No? Just download the Youcine free apk and watch everything you want! Enjoy!

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Tips from other productions on Youcine

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