‘Never Have I Ever’: A Predictable Yet Fun Third Part


The third part is really awesome! After having a messy personality in seasons 1 and 2, Devi is finally mature about things and isn’t causing trouble or wreaking havoc on the lives of the people around her just for that.

Never Have I Ever

After spending her freshman years and sophomore year fighting between Paxton and Ben, Devi finally makes up her mind and publicly takes on Paxton as her girlfriend. She has her insecurities when it comes to dating the most wonderful guy in school, but she is able to get over her insecurities one at a time. But her insecurities get the better of her and she and Paxton end things. After that, Devi is finally dealing with her singleness when she is introduced to a very hot Indian guy-Des, who is the son of a friend of her mother’s.

Des and Devi immediately hit it off and start dating, but it turns out that Des is the typical Indian stereotype of a ‘mummy’s little boy’, as he breaks up with her just because his mother asks. Devi is moving on to bigger and better things in life as she is close friends with two out of three of her exes.

With none of her emotions attached to Paxton, Devi has lingering romantic feelings for Ben. Who do you think Devi will be with in the third season of ‘Never Have I?’

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Third season

This season is indeed different when it comes to Devi’s character and shows viewers a more mature Devi of herself and everything. While she doesn’t have many external struggles this season, she does have internal struggles, such as being insecure about herself. Devi’s problems are not random, as many teenagers deal with problems like these, but the fact that they are repetitive is what makes them difficult to overcome. Other characters on the show also have amazing stories.

One downside in season three is that Devi and Paxton’s relationship is extremely short. Why make fans wait a whole year before making her break up with him, right? What happened between the two could have been resolved with a single conversation.

This season unfortunately showed a negative version of Kamala and Nalini’s stories, with more focus on children’s lives. This is ideal considering the show is aimed at teens and young adults, but older fans of the show might find the season a little… let’s put it this way: mundane.

Like the first two seasons, the third season is a quick one that will take less than 5 hours to watch in its entirety.

The fact is, this season gets predictable at times and viewers aren’t surprised by the choices Devi makes, which shows that the writers truly need to improve. How to watch movies on Smart TV for free? It’s simple and fast, download the Youcine free apk right now on your android, cell phone, iPhone or TV Box and enjoy!

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Never Have I Ever

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