‘One Day at Disney’ – Documentary brings Passion, Emotion and Information


The American documentary series “A day at Disney”, or “The Day at Disney”, are shorts about employees of the company created by Walt Disney . A place where dreams are turned into reality. In the 1st episode is shown the testimony of the English producer who became the animator of the iconic characters, in the 2nd a Marine mechanic who turned into a diver at night at Disneyland Resort.

One Day at Disney

In the 3rd, a girl who dreamed of working in the sport and is an ESPN anchor; in the 4th, an artist who gives life to Dory, in one of the daily performances in the park; in the 5th, the CEO recalls how he started his career and what inspires him in the largest entertainment company in the world; in the 6th, the backstage of the hit series “Modern Family”.

In the 7th, the character designer from El Salvador who made a childhood dream come true; in the 8th, it takes place at LucasFilm, and the boss plays with the cute BB-8 through the halls to cheer up his employees; #9 is about the official organist of Disneyland, California, at work he has loved for 20 years.

In the 10th, the illustrated woman who came from Taiwan and who passes the history of children’s films into books; and etc…. . The series is passionate, exciting and informative. It brings a universe that is loved worldwide for several generations and that will surely continue for many more. It is very admirable to see people who love to work at what they do and in a place where they actually dreamed, and today they are fulfilled people, and in fact for a great professional to work with excellence, it needs to be with love, because it makes all the difference. It’s really worth watching! And the most amazing thing is that you can marathon this documentary for free! That’s right! What is the best streaming platform for beginners? Download the free Youcine app and find out!Disney Schedules for Teens and Young People Marathon

1. Disney Young Builders – Season 1

A competition series featuring teams of young people who are tasked with designing, building and testing unique creations. In each of the episodes, a panel of experts will evaluate, test the works based on the creativity of the design and the functionality of the project. In the latest episode, one team will be named the “Young Builders” champion.

2. That’s So Raven

That's So Raven

This is a great comedy show and a hit currently on streaming platforms. Shows young Raven and her power of foresight and all the adventures that her gift provides. You can watch all seasons by downloading Youcine apk for free! Also, if you don’t have a TV Box or Smart TV, you can watch free movies on android and everything else that the app offers! Enjoy! Download now!

3. Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana

It is considered one of the biggest and best series. ‘Hannah Montana’ managed to be extended to films and was starring actress and singer Miley Cyrus, one of the biggest pop influences today. The Disney series shows the young Miley who, after a day of common life with her colleagues, becomes the star Hannah Montana at night and performs great as a singer. Want to watch free movies and series? Download the Youcine free apk right now on your android, Iphone and enjoy all the programming!

4. Jessie


‘Jessie’, is very successful and is available for you to enjoy in the Youcine free apk and be able to remember all the great adventures that the most beloved nanny of young people has gone through in beautiful New York. In addition, Jessie is certainly one of the most remembered Disney series to date, as it introduced the world to big screen names, such as Cameron Boyce and Debby Ryan. So grab your popcorn and soda and enjoy!

5. Jack and Cold: Twins on Board

This is probably one of the most beloved series and marked the childhood and adolescence of many people, in addition to having introduced the world to the iconic Sprouse twins, who played the protagonists Zack and Cody.

Thus, the plot of this series followed the two brothers aboard a ship, which had a restaurant, school and also many adventures, in addition to the great secondary characters of the show, such as: Maddie and Carey and Muriel and Esteban.

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