“Refúgio” series on Youcine delves deep into the construction of its characters


The series is based on the homonymous work for children and youth by Harlan Coben, “Refúgio” (Shelter) premiered on Amazon Prime Video, bringing an excellent mystery to the screen.
Starring Mickey Bolitar (Jaden Michael), “Refugio” brings the boy who just lost his father Brad (Kristoffer Polaha), and is now with his mother (Narci Regina) who is psychologically debilitated.

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Mickey ends up having to return to his father’s hometown, to be taken care of by his aunt, Shira Bolitar (Constance Zimmer), with whom he has a highly complex relationship.
When his girlfriend Ashley Kent (Samantha Bugliaro) mysteriously disappears, Mickey begins an investigation of his own, involving his new friends Ema (Abby Corrigan) and Arthur ‘Spoon’ (Adrian Greensmith).

On Youcine, the series has some classic characteristics of the books by author Harlan Coben

Those who are familiar with reading Harlan Coben’s works will notice the classic elements that are present in the author’s books. That’s because the series respects the details that led his mysteries to be very successful.
But, it’s no coincidence, with Coben’s creation and production and most of the writing done by his own daughter, Charlotte Coben, fidelity to the original seems to be of main importance in this series.

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However, some changes regarding diversities are put on display – and they seem to be right on target once they are shown.
Mickey gained a renewed African American from his mother. The classic Myron character is present in mentions, but not on screen.
In its place is the third Bolitar sister: Shira, who has the same essential traits as the protagonist of the sagas, with a female version.

Despite being a production based on children and youth, “Refúgio” succeeds in not transmitting childishness on screen, maintaining an “air” of mystery.
It appeals to adults while making its youthful content clear with the main trio and some regular happenings that hark back to the high school years.

Themes such as bullying and mental issues are presented in some characters

During the search, several questions are brought up, with touches on Brad’s past and his mysterious work, which was probably the reason for his death.
Mickey’s psychological character and his guilt over the loss of his father are very well explored, as well as some consequences of bullying and discussions about mental health with the rest of the characters.
Without losing the line on suspense, the series brings all this while maintaining tense moments and dubious actions in the secondary part, which arouses the curiosity of viewers.
“Refugio” gathers information that goes beyond the book that gives its name to the series, It also uses some data that are only shown in the following two volumes of Mickey Bolitar’s trilogy, so I recommend you to read all the works if you don’t want spoilers of the occurred.


The visual data is well placed, but the real highlight is in the construction of the characters. With the details already shown in the books, the production dives deep into each one, leaving their tastes, desires, and family issues well worked out.
The production knows how to balance the suspense, presenting the information in an accurate way, and maintaining the essentials of Coben’s writing.
“Refúgio” is undoubtedly another adaptation by the author that draws attention to its quality and manages to keep the public’s interest throughout its episodes.
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