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Cinema has produced westerns of all kinds. The most American of film genres always seems to have a little more daring. The viewer gradually gets used to the figure of Mads Mikkelsen as a star, but it doesn’t take much effort to understand that “Salvation” (2014) is one of the most flowing films ever produced. It is undeniable that the work of Danish director Kristian Levring is capable of giving identity to the plot. The screenplay, by Levring and Anders Thomas Jensen, features Mikkelsen as Jon, a Dane who leaves for America in 1864 and returns to his home country seven years later to pick up his wife, Marie, played by Oh Land, and their son. , Kresten, by Toke Lars Bjarke. Returning to the argument of the probable rejection of the story, Mikkelsen manages to make Jon a “barren” type, as if his stay in the western United States had removed all the veneer of natural elegance from the character.


From the first moment, the protagonist is seen as a tough man, none of the refinement of the title character of the series “Hannibal”, in which his fine features are important in the construction of the role. This is clear early on, when the three meet at a train station, and Jon hadn’t even been present at Kresten’s birth, which would have been impossible for Mikkelsen’s anti-hero to survive in such a hostile scenario without making some adaptations. quick to your way of conceiving life. Despite being born far away from that place, Jon is the very incarnation of the American cowboy, appropriating the rudeness of the people of that place, but keeping his coldness. This personality is what has allowed him to resist, even during the return trip, in which he, his wife and son are subjected to Delarue’s presence in the same cabin. And the antagonist, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, transforms the lives of all three.

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It is from this twist that Levring begins to lead the story, with moves to make Clint Eastwood jealous, such is his lack of concern for patrols. Jon’s courage in standing up to Delarue’s tyranny costs him his freedom, but he’s not the only one suffering the consequences.
Furious, the villain imposes an inhuman punishment on the city, which only the director and Jensen could afford. It is this perverse degree that the two impart to the characters of “Salvation”, and Mikkelsen’s fake good guy does not stand aside. Jon’s interpreter uses the moral ambiguity of the environment in which he is inserted to justify his wild behavior, without, however, appealing to anyone’s compassion: the protagonist also becomes a type of rude villain, an obvious reasoning in one of the final scenes. , the moment in which the character, avenged – not very fond of the image of savior that was expected of him – takes what he considers rightfully his. A work on par with the best of the western, “A Salvação” has its mistakes and successes, but it has a lot of personality.

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