Romantic Comedy with Victoria Justice in the Free Apk “Youcine” is Passionate


It’s just a few weeks to Valentine’s Day in Brazil and with this wave of chill it’s nice to have someone to snuggle with, right? May is really the month of brides, the time when many loves are resumed and second chances are given in the expectation of spending the festive date accompanied by “the” flirt, crush. Until the day arrives, many of us love to melt with passion for a beautiful romantic comedy, don’t we? If you are that type of person, then run play -in its free Youcine apk– on ‘Perfect Combination’, which is already a huge success on streaming platforms.


Lola Alvarez (Victoria Justice) works as a wine representative at Calder’s (Craig Horner) company and is great at what she does. That’s why she has the attitude of trying to partner with wine from the Vaugh farm, in Australia, because they have the right kind of product and still didn’t have representation in the US. When Lola shares her idea with Audra (Lucy Durack), her friend steals her plan and shows it to the boss. This makes Lola put an end to it and resign immediately, however, she has a new plan: travel to the farm Vaugh and personally convince Hazel (Samantha Cain), owner of the brand, to close the partnership with her newly opened Small business. But Lola didn’t count that, in order to present the project, she would have to stay on the farm shearing sheep and being trained by the handsome Max (Adam Demos, the handsome one from ‘Sex/Life’).

‘Perfect Combination’ has, already abusing the pun, the perfect combination between romance, comedy and female empowerment. Although the production makes use of a bunch of clichés to guide its story, the feature does not abuse the spectator’s patience, finding the right measure for a determined, but clumsy protagonist; a handsome young man without a painful past; and, above all, a sensational landscape that gives that feeling of a weekend trip to the mountains. The fact that the feature is set in Australia leads the viewer, together with Lola, to discover the news of this cited country, such as the colorful banknotes, the venomous animals that appear out of nowhere, the chance of finding a kangaroo on your way, etc.


Story summary

Although it is a pleasant story, the script by Hilary Galanoy and Elizabeth Hackett could have been better, focusing on improving the path of plots that decide not to solve or simply undoing what has been presented in the film. However, these points occur in subplots that do not influence the main story, so anyone who watches it for free by the Youcine ‘Perfect Match’ apk will be contemplated by a very cute love story.

Lola and Max are the right couple for the romance. She, very focused on what she wants, but without being aggressive; he, kind and shy. All this to the sound of a fantastic soundtrack. So it’s worth checking out this production by director Stuart McDonald in its free Youcine apk! You can download on your mobile, android, TV Box, Smart TV totally free and get excited about this novel!



  1. The film is by the same writers of Amor em Obras (2019) and Amor Garantido (2020).
  2. According to the website Netflix Life, the film’s recordings were made in Queensland, Australia.
  3. The film was produced by Hoodlum Entertainment
  4. Director Stuart McDonald is currently directing the film Choose Love, an interactive romantic comedy on Netflix that will star Avan Jogia (who has starred opposite Victoria Justice) and Laura Marano.
  5. In the cast of this film are the actors Victoria Justice (Brilliant Victoria – 2010), Adam
    Demos (Amor em Obras – 2019), Luca Sardelis (The Hunting – 2019), Samantha Cain (Scum-
    bus – 2012) and Craig Horner (Life Can Change – 2021).


Victoria Justice, Adam Demos, Luca Sardelis, Samantha Cain, Craig Horner, Antonio Alvarez, Lucy Durack.

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