Scrat seems to be still that Scrat!


In 2002, the fully digital animated film produced by Blue Sky Animation Studio and released by 20th Century Fox Film Company—-Ice Age, successfully attracted the attention of the public. The story of Ice Age revolves around three prehistoric animals from the Ice Age and an abandoned human baby. The ice age caused animals to migrate in search of food. The kind-hearted mammoth-Manny, the carnivorous sloth-Sid, and the cunning saber-toothed tiger-Diago, these three animals with very different personalities, in order to return a human child to their homeland, even come together. Together, they formed a temporary escort team and embarked on a long journey to find their parents. This film not only brought an extraordinary visual experience to the audience, but also brought greater honor to Blue Sky Studio.

Ice Age

Blue Sky Studios last Movie

Blue Sky Studio, founded in 1987 and headquartered in New York, USA, its signature work is “Ice Age”, which reflects its unique work spirit and philosophy. Subsequently, animated films such as “Rio ” and “Forest Soldier” were launched. But in 2021, the studio was closed by Disney.

Blue Sky Studio is a new force in the Hollywood animation market. While DreamWorks and Pixar continue to gorge on the Hollywood animation market, the rise of smaller studios such as Blue Sky and Illumination Entertainment (part of Universal Pictures) has created a new pattern of competition in this field. They launched a 7-minute animated short “Bunny” (Bunny), which won the 71st Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. At the same time, 20th Century Fox saw the advantages of Blue Sky, decisively removed its animation department and signed with Blue Sky signed a cooperation agreement, and at the same time undertakes the distribution of Lantian animation works.

This is a strong team, but ushered in the last work on April 13, 2022. . . . . .

Ice Age

Ice age scrat tales nut the end

On April 13, 2022, the animated short “Ice Age: Scrat Tales” is Ice Age’s last work, the story started by Scrat, and he ends the story. A six-episode animated short film about Scrat meeting a baby squirrel. From the beginning, he took care of the baby while chasing his acorn. Later, when the acorn disappeared, Scrat lived with the baby squirrel, but at the end of the story, Scrat It’s not that simple to find out!

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