Season Two of ‘Good Morning, Verônica’ is a must; enveloping


The Brazilian police series knows how to keep the suspense and has strong actors in the cast. The vision they bring to domestic violence was the show’s potential ground that can add sinister new details and confuse the viewer in its well-crafted crime storyline.

Good Morning, Verônica

However, as every series often has its negative point, this time in the second season there was a loss of two actors who are sensational: Eduardo Moscovis and Camila Morgado, in addition there were other changes, such as reducing the number of episodes to 6, and this made with that current actors, being in more inert situations, had to improve their performances a lot and make the audience stay involved even so.

In this second year of the series, in continuous movement, it makes it easier to get rid of some production mistakes. An example is when the protagonist enters the office of the villain, the missionary Matias Carneiro, played by Reynaldo Gianecchini, and does not find a locked door or closet along the way, the series goes very fast and focuses on the consequences of her discoveries, or cuts to some most dramatically well-resolved corner of the plot and turn to the suffocating interactions between Matias, his wife Gisele (Camila Márdila) and their daughter Ângela (Klara Castanho).

In addition, another positive point of the series is that the creators Rafhael Montes and Ilana Casoy, along with the screenwriters, hit very well in the construction that bothers this family dynamic. The misfit is there from the beginning, but the text of ‘Good morning, Veronica’ uses interactions that would be normal to build it. In addition, they expose mechanisms of abuse, so the second season of the series shows traditional roots from which this violence arises.

Controversial but necessary topics

By proving that psychological and sexual abuse can be based on the structure of what we understand as family, the series seems to want to plead for the construction of a different family model, not necessarily different in its constitution (that is, in the individuals who are part of it), but distinct in the dynamics of power and the rhetoric of relationships. From this comes the more consistent immersion in the family of Verônica (Tainá Müller) and Paulo (César Mello), who learn to survive – even if fragmented by the events of the first year – based on honesty and certainly on welcoming differences.

The difference between the way the character Matias deals with Ângela’s homosexuality and the way Veronica deals with Rafa’s (Dj Amorim) homosexuality is the clearest example.

But Good Morning, Veronica  raises many other points of contradiction between the two families, such as their values, their realities and the nature of the people around them.

Finally, this is the distinction between the first season of the series and the second: despite a captivating Gianecchini and a Camila Márdila engaged with the emotional complication of her role, it is not the quality of the actors that the series relies on, but the notion of social and social skills or emotional intelligence that grabs the viewer’s attention. So, ‘Good morning Veronica’ is indeed an engaging production and you can’t miss it, even more so if it’s made available for free. Download the Youcine free apk now and check out free movies and series.

Good Morning, Verônica

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