Series ‘The Scent of Passion’, recreates Colombian soap opera and avoids exaggeration

The Scent of Passion

‘The Scent of Passion’ won a new, leaner version on Netflix, and it’s available for free to you on the Youcine app.

Those who watched the SBT station in the last 20 years have already heard comments about “Coffee with a Woman’s Aroma”. The theme song, which sticks in our minds and the story of impossible love, was very successful in Brazil in its original version, produced in Colombia in 1994, when it was shown by the station owned by Sílvio Santos more than once.

The famous novel was given a slimmer version by the hands of Netflix, as already written in this article, and is available for you to watch for free on the Youcine apk.


Gaviota and her mother work on a coffee farm, which they hope will be their last year serving others: they dream of having their own piece of land. But, things don’t go exactly as expected. The girl still falls in love with Sebastian, rich heir to the coffee farm. They are two very different and apparently incompatible worlds, but they end up meeting each other.

Well-executed clichés work

“Café com Aroma de Mulher” in its original and in the remake, appeals to a lot of clichés that everyone who normally follows soap operas knows very well: it shows young people in love from families of different social classes, who have to go through obstacles to be able to stay together Villains who will do anything to prevent that. And there’s also that character that gives the tone of comedy, that is, the funniest to compose the group.

However, what could give the tone of negative, ends up being the biggest advantage of this format. “Café com Aroma de Mulher” is a delicious cliché, excellent to follow, which has good performances with very charismatic actors.

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The Scent of Passion

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