‘Shaolin Soccer’ brings humor and is recommended for all ages


This film shows Kung Fu fighters who build a soccer team, mixing martial arts with sport. In Brazil this movie is called “Kung Fu Futebol Clube”. It is a Chinese film directed by Stephen Chow. The film shows characters who practice kung fu, such as Sing (Stephen Chow), who is a student who is very devoted to Shaolin Kung Fu, and who has a powerful kick, called “steel leg”. Sing sells aluminum cans to make ends meet.

Sing then meets Mui, a not very pretty girl who bakes sweet buns. Sing can see that Mui knows kung fu by the way she moves the bread dough. In one comical moment, Sing shouts in the middle of the street greeting a “real kung fu master”.

With a mess arranged, Sing is discovered by Little Fung, a famous retired soccer player, who is known as the “golden leg”. He had his leg injured when he was young by his rival in the first scene of the movie.

Shaolin Soccer

Fung observing Sing’s “steel leg”, then gives an idea of using Kung Fu to play soccer. Convinced that this way he could earn a lot of money and promote Kunf Fu, Sing goes after his brothers who are also Shaolin Kung Fu practitioners, and who also had their special skills, to communicate the great idea to them.

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Team Formation

Each of them has different and unique characteristics. One is Bruce Lee’s face. The other has an iron head, the other doesn’t want to participate because he’s angry that his hair fell out, another has trouble controlling his weight and so on. However, the union of these colleagues who learned Kung Fu together will be essential for the development of the new team. At first, Sing’s colleagues are reluctant to try out for the team, but little by little, they are convinced and put together one with Fung as the coach. It’s really funny to see people who have never seen a ball in their lives, trying to dribble and shoot. The famous “golden leg” was going to have to work to make this team work and thus compete with other clubs in a professional way.

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Shaolin Soccer

Full of very funny moments, “Kung Fu Futebol Clube” does not disappoint, it manages to make us laugh. The film also has its special effects, as one of Sing’s companions’ techniques is to jump high, as if flying. Not to mention the effects of Sing’s kicks as well.

With a team prepared and equipped, they feel very qualified to play in a championship. Fung’s team has as its main opponent, the team that is commanded by its rival, and even the one responsible for its broken leg. Using kung fu applied to soccer, Sing and his friends soon gain fame and money. But, your last challenge will not be as easy as it seems, since the opposing team will use kung fu in the game, so the competition is much more disputed.

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