Six Children’s Films That Stimulate Creativity and Encourage Study


Full of scenarios, colors and characters as unusual as they are fantastic; this is the universe through the lens of series, books, drawings and children’s films. However, anyone who thinks that these products have the potential to only entertain children is mistaken. Many of these stories are written and dramatized to awaken traits such as empathy, creativity, environmental awareness, and acceptance and respect for what is different in the unsuspecting audience. They stimulate the imagination of the little ones, sow ideas, and sharpen curiosity about current controversies through an accessible and fun language.

That’s why we list here 6 movies to include in your children’s routine. Set aside a few hours, prepare a snack, and dive into this adventure with them!

1. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Nausicaä do Vale do Vento is an animation by Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, coordinator of Studio Ghibli, responsible for other works such as The Voyage of Chihiro, Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro. The film narrates a series of events that occur after the Earth’s ecosystem has been destroyed by man’s greed. The main character is one of the survivors of tragedy and investigates a mysterious vegetation, known as the Sea of Corruption, which proliferates on the surface of the globe, but which is toxic to human beings, despite containing many forms of life inside. The film addresses this relationship of co-dependence between humanity and the space it inhabits, and is an excellent tool to awaken children’s perception of the environment.

2. Wall-E

Wall-E is a classic that, since its launch, has enchanted adults and children alike. The feature is a Pixar animation that, like Nausicaä, illustrates a dystopian future and addresses issues such as the destruction of terrestrial flora and fauna and humanity’s dependence on technology. The story is shown from the point of view of two robots, as the remaining human population lives on a space station. Wall-E is the charismatic little robot responsible for organizing the garbage that covers the planet, while Eva has the mission to locate an organic life form among piles and piles of rubble. The film has a very deep and touching ending and a powerful message. That’s why you can’t miss it! Download your Youcine free apk to watch this and other free movies and series.

3. The Adventures of the Red Plane

The adventures of the red plane is a Brazilian production directed by Frederico Pinto and José Maia, based on the book of the same name by Érico Veríssimo. The plot portrays the troubled life of the lonely Fernandinho after the death of his mother.
The boy embarks on a very rich and imaginative adventure after receiving from his father a book whose central character is Captain Storm. With his red plane, Fernandinho visits places like the Moon, Russia, China and India, even going to the bottom of the sea, and discovers, along the way, the importance of reading and connecting with other people.

4. The World of the Little Ones

Adapted from the work of Mary Norton, The Borrowers, the Japanese animation (also by Studio Ghibli) depicts a family of small beings, which, except for their diminutive height, look a lot like humans. The protagonist, Arietty, fights with insects and eventually establishes a friendship with Sho, a human and sick boy who discovers his existence by accident. It is a plot that sensitively addresses our capacity to accept and live with what is different.

5. The Boy and the World

The animation O Menino e o Mundo, written and directed by Alê Abreu and made in 2D, won several awards and international recognition for its creative way of narrating the story of a boy in search of his father. Everything about the film is wonderful: the features, the music and the boy’s own innocent perception of the world along his journey.

The message that the film carries is impactful, being at the same time a reflection on globalized and contemporary life, and a tribute to the hope of a better world.

6. Ratatouille

Another Pixar production, Ratatouille received many awards and nominations, including an Oscar for best animation in 2007. The film follows the trajectory of Remy, a little mouse with extraordinary culinary skills, to become a great chef. Along the way, he establishes a partnership with Linguini, a clumsy kitchen helper.

The film’s logic (a mouse cooking) defies common sense and delivers the beautiful and powerful notion that someone’s origins, however humble, do not prevent them from achieving excellence and success.

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