‘Spiderhead’ a Good Drama/action with Great Performances


The film was shot during some of the worst months of the Covid-19 pandemic in Australia, when the Oceania country became a safe haven for film productions. The environments in which the plot takes place are part of the same location and are well designed.

sexual desire

The protagonist here is Jeff (Teller), prisoner of Spiderhead, a mixture of prison complex and research laboratory. There, detainees have more freedom to come and go and have more comfort, but they also have to undergo tests with various chemicals, which cause strong changes in consciousness: one of them, for example, is capable of making you feel mortal fear of any object. non-harmful, while another provokes sudden strong passion (and sexual desire) for whoever is right in front of him.

In charge of these tests is the likeable scientist Steve Abnesti, a role that gives Chris Hemsworth the opportunity to stand out in the cinema so far. The actor produces a dynamic antagonism with speeches of intimidation, but whose emotional intensity drives him to the grotesque.

The performance’s brilliance is even more vivid because that is Spiderhead’s true identity as a film: it is a performance drama, a story about human interactions and built on human interactions. Its science fiction concept is not only simple, it is also simple to execute, and what’s more, with a group of competent actors everything unfolds.

Due to Kosinski’s competence, and the good team of actors he brought together, Spiderhead justifies itself as a narrative and artistic experience. But this is not profound science fiction, but has interesting ideas about the superiority of a life lived in tranquil imperfection in the face of the grueling, unsustainable quest for impeccable, pure emotion.

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The Summer That Changed My Life

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One Piece

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