‘Stronger’ shocks and excites audiences


How would you face life if a tragedy happened to you? In 2013, after putting himself at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, when he was trying to win back his ex-girlfriend, an explosion occurred that took Bauman’s legs in an attack that killed 3 people and injured 264, but what happened made this retail employee from Costco, an American hero. Even his rescue photo became a symbol of resistance for the city, the information he gave the FBI helped to catch the terrorists who caused this tragedy.

‘Stronger’ director David Gordon Green and John Pollono (the screenwriter) tell the story of Bauman’s unwitting heroism in order to study the intimate effects of a public tragedy.

The production focuses on human reactions to horrible and inexplicable acts, observing the weight of that moment in the life of the victim, their families and the horrified population of a city.

Actor Gordon Green, who has done both heavy dramas and comedies, works very well in this production the issues of emotions to convey the drama lived by the character, as well as his love for his girlfriend, his dependence on his mother, and affection for family . We observe that a tragedy changed his life, but did not take the color from hers. Actor Jake Gyllenhaal is extremely important for this portrait to be possible.

In his sensational performance, he brilliantly portrays the moments of recovery: the falls, the effort to perform simple tasks, and even the fact that he is led to the role of hero by the media and family. His mother, very well played by Miranda Richardson, assumes this heroism (even with all its boringness) declared as a joy in the midst of the suffering of almost having lost her son.

Tatiana Maslany, played by Erin Hurley – the ex-girlfriend that Bauman wanted to win back – is the other side, the actress is just as competent to him, she takes the blame for having been the reason Bauman was in the place he was, and the weight of trying to get their lives back to normal. The film shows how difficult it is to help a person who doesn’t want to help himself.


‘Stronger’ goes far beyond a movie based on real events, it shows aspects of human tragedy. It brings emotion and shocks for the truth, but it is unique for the message that passes of hope. If you like movies like this, download the Youcine free apk on your TV Box, mobile, or Smart Tv to watch everything for free. Download the Youcine apk now and enjoy!

Some facts about ‘Stronger’

1. Inspiration

The film was based on real events taken from the book ‘Stronger’, which tells the story of writer Jeff Bauman, who lost his legs during a bombing at a marathon held in Boston in April 2013.

2. Right Partnership

David Hoberman, Todd Liebermann and Scott Silver worked together on ‘The Winner’ in 2010.

3. Debuting

It is John Pollono’s first screenwriting job.

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