‘Ted Lasso’ wins 2022 Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series


‘Emmy’ still believes: Ted Lasso is awesome: The Apple TV+ comedy won the Outstanding Comedy Series trophy at Monday’s Emmy ceremony, its 2nd consecutive win in the category.

The series Ted Lasso that managed to prevail over the other nominees-Abbott Elementary, Just Murders in the Building, Hacks, What We Do in the Shadows, Barry, The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel and Contain your enthusiasm – was honored for its second season. The show also won Emmys Monday night for Lead Actor (Jason Sudeikis), Supporting Actor (Brett Goldstein) and also for Director.

‘Ted Lasso’ ended a second ago ‘Abbott Elementary’, in a pre-Emmy night poll of TVLine readers, who were asked which series they most wanted to see, take home the award for Best Comedy. The big win comes before the third and likely to be the last season of the series.

Ted Lasso

Reasons for the success of the series ‘Ted Lasso’

‘Ted Lasso’, which started as a thirty-minute comedy, apparently light and very unpretentious, was showing what it came for in the second season. As we can read the success of the series was not right away. The public didn’t rush to watch the upbeat football coach, who was signed by an English team. Little by little the program – which is available for you to watch for free on the Youcine apk – managed to conquer and captivate famous and not so famous fans, and critics. Of the seven to 20 Emmys that he has already nominated for, counting best series, we have the supporting actor (Brett Goldstein), actor (Jason Sudeikis) and supporting actress (Hannah Waddingham). The series reached the end of its second season on the 8th, with many fans madly in love with it.

The series that started as a comedy of only 30 minutes, was showing what came soon in the second season. There were some issues that were addressed that came from the first season, such as mental health, inferiority, among others that were being developed in the 2nd season, bringing different emotions from laughter. And this all married the moment the world lived in having a pandemic, in which there was a lot of sadness for losing people we love and loved ones. I believe that led to success.

Ted Lasso’s positive attitude even in moments of great conflict spreads. After all, who doesn’t go through difficulties or obstacles in their daily lives, right? That’s why this series is worth watching! And the great news is that you can watch free movies and series on the Youcine app for free. Just download it on your iPhone, android, Smart TVLG or TV Box and enjoy the best of national and international cinema! Run to download the Youcine free apk! What are you waiting for?

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Arcanjo Renegado

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