‘Terror on the Prairie’ – A good option for those who enjoy westerns


The production of the western is betting all its cards on Carano’s talent to try to reverse his cancellation on the internet, according to articles circulating in the media. For those who like the western genre this movie is a good option to have fun.

The western follows the classics of the genre to the letter, with families chasing a better way of life, remote landscapes, a gang of outlaws around, creating a lot of confusion. Of course, Carrano is the right figure to fight the bad men. The script is focused, there’s no fuss and you don’t even need to think a lot during 1h40 minutes of film.

Terror on the Prairie

The biggest highlight goes to Gina Carano, who does everything to keep the story focused, and of course the film is a bridge to show her talents as an actress. The chemistry she generated with her son and the bad guys is also quite interesting. Carano shows to be ‘freer’ in the fight scenes with the opponent.

To improve, only the first half of the family drama was lacking to give more space to the chase and fight between Hattie (Carano) and the Captain’s gang (Nick Searsy). There are some clichés in the production, but it doesn’t detract from the overall story.

In a complete way, the film shows criminals taking advantage of the situation and terrorizing a family that has just arrived on their farm, and a woman willing to do anything to protect who she loves and her home.


“Terror on the Prairie” is a production about a pioneer family fighting a gang of very violent criminals who are terrorizing them and their newly built farm on the plains of Montana.”

The film is directed by Michael Polish ( Northfork , The Force of Nature) with a screenplay by Josiah Nelson. The production is by Carano together with Dallas Sonnier (Rastro da Maldade)


In addition to Carano are Nick Searcy (Justified), MMA fighter Donald “Cowboy” Heath Freeman (Skateland – Lost Youth), Cerrone, comedian Tyler Fischer, Travis Mills (Counting Bullets) and Samaire Armstrong (O.C.: A Stranger in Paradise) ) . Download the Youcine free apk now to watch free series and movies. You can download it on your android, cell phone, iPhone, TV Box or Smart TV!

Terror on the Prairie

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