The Cleaning Lady hit in the US is already with a second season


‘The Cleaning Lady’, a series that was a huge success in the USA, premiered its second season a few days ago.

The series was launched this year on the streaming platforms, and its dramatic narrative mixed with the criminal genre, made it renewed for a new season. If you like this type of production and are interested in watching it and want to know if it’s worth it, I’ll tell you.

The Cleaning Lady

Synopsis of a movie

Cambodian doctor Thony de La Rosa (Élodie Yung) has to leave the Philippines for the United States to seek efficient treatment for her son’s rare disease. When the boy is about to get what he needs, unfortunately her visa expires in the country, and she finds a job as a maid, and remains an illegal immigrant. When she witnesses a murder and is forced to clean the crime scene, however , Thony accepts to work as a cleaning lady for the mafia, which ends up being the only chance she has to save her son.

The Cleaning Lady

Is this series worth watching?

‘The Cleaning Lady’ reached such great numbers when shown live on the FOX channel in the United States, even today the series is only behind the audience of 9-1-1 of the same channel. So you spectator can expect the best of this series. Many critics are considering this plot to be very normal, as it is the plot of an immigrant who needs to start working as a cleaning lady for a criminal organization. And that some dialogues are cliches. But despite that, in general, most opinions about the series ‘The Cleaning Lady’ are very positive, so it’s worth watching this production, even more so because you can watch it for free! That’s right, download the free Youcine app right now on your android, Iphone, Tv Box or Smart TV and check it out for free!

Animes that have already been released or will be released on the Youcine free apk

  1. Spy x Family -Season 2
  2. Chainsaw Man
  3. Bleach: Final Season
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  6. Boku No Hero: Season 6
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1. Spy x Family- Season 2

Spy x Family- Season 2

A spy known only as Twilight needs a family as part of his undercover mission, so he very quickly marries a city official and adopts a child and a dog. Unknown to him, his family has secrets of its own: his wife Yor is an undercover assassin, his daughter Anya is a fugitive psychic who can read minds, and his dog was from a laboratory that gave him the power to predict the future. All four of these guys must come together as a family to manage their own affairs and be together in the best possible way.

2. Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man

‘Chainsaw Man’ shows the story of young Denji, who was in debt after his father’s death. By a fluke of fate, the protagonist saves a dog-Demon named Pochita, he starts to receive money to kill demons for the Yakuza. The dog, Pochita, has a peculiar chainsaw attached to its snout and, with that, Denji manages to exterminate the targets.

However, he is betrayed by the organization and is killed by Zombie Devil, but Pochita makes the biggest sacrifice possible and saves Denji. After the incident, the protagonist is reborn as a half-human, half-demon, able to create chainsaws through his body by pulling a cord from his chest.

Due to the exceptional powers he has, Denji is recruited to work for the Public Safety Devil Hunters, to continue exterminating demons, but at the risk of death for being, technically, a demon. If you liked these tips and still want to know where to watch free full movies dubbed, download the Youcine free apk right now and check out many movies, series, anime, dubbed movies, subtitled etc.. . Don’t waste time, download the Youcine free apk to watch the best movies, etc. in the comfort of your home on your cell phone or Smart TV.

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