The crown brings the crisis faced by the British Monarchy in 1990


The 1990s were not very happy for the British royal family. On the cusp of celebrating her forty years of reign, Elizabeth II (Imelda Staunton) faces a serious crisis of popularity. That’s the theme for season 5 of The crown, which arrived on Netflix Wednesday (11/9). Some chapters you can already watch for free on the Youcine apk. And attention! This article contains spoilers! Enjoy!

For those who remember the fourth season of The crown divided attention between the strength of Elizabeth II (Olivia Colman), Margareth Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) and Princess Diana (Emma Corrin), the fifth season is much more focused on the queen. The queen is played by Imelda Staunton, and I say that if it was difficult to imagine an actress equal to Olivia for the role, you can rest assured: Imelda acts very well, standing out in each scene, with characteristics very similar to the queen.

Elizabeth II

Now, it is not just the monarchy that is in crisis. The family institution within royalty is also present. The scandal-ridden separation of Charles (Dominic West) and Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) does little to help the British crown sustain itself. To make matters worse, Charles no longer hid his dissatisfaction with his mother’s insistence on not modernizing the monarchy from anyone. But now he went further and made this rift clear to the press. It is interesting to see what King Charles III thought about the monarchy and to see up close what he will do ahead of the crown in the 2020s.

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Photography and Screenplay

This time, the photography and the script go in different directions. The photography remains exuberant, especially in the country houses, in the trips abroad and in the scene of the fire that impacts Windsor Castle, which occurred in 1992. The script continues to intersperse with excellence historical facts and the unusual novel that the royal family provides. . The problematic issue, in my view, is in the rhythm. The impression it gives is that there was a certain need to fulfill certain episode numbers, when the chronology of this season (it goes until 1997) didn’t ask for that much. The pace is compromised and, if The crown was never a fast series, now it has become even slower.

Elizabeth II

Others shine

Although Imelda and her Elizabeth II shine sovereignly, the season has other highlights that also show their brilliance. The script a bit that hides Diana at the beginning of the season. Only in the final stretch, she decides to give the “air” of grace. But the People’s Princess comes different. Elizabeth Debicki faces the challenge of playing a Diana with more bitterness, less brilliant than what usually populates our imagination. There is a certain deconstruction of the straight, perfect Diana, not only because of the affair with Dodi Al Fayed (Khalid Abdalla), but also because of the lack of patience to be nice in the face of so many “clicks”, and the tiredness of fighting for marriage.

At one point in the season, Diana throws in Charles’ face that the British people would rather see their son, William, as the successor to the throne. How to watch movies for free on mobile? Just download the Youcine free apk and check out the best national and international movies, as well as soap operas, Talk Shows and the World Cup! To know how to download the Youcine apk, visit the website and enjoy!

The surprise

The big surprise of the season may be that it is Margaret, in my opinion. Elizabeth’s sister gains space and even has an episode practically just for her – her room. A great opportunity for actress Leslie Mainville to take advantage of. But, in fact, it is almost impossible not to have looks of grace and compassion for the princess. She truly humanizes her generation of the monarchy and even makes us cheer against the queen in the resistances between them.

Again, The crown proved to be a series of female characters. Charles wins the spotlight at various times, and I can’t forget the great supporting actor Dominic West. But the desire to see a greater development of the romance between Diana and Dodi was only in curiosity and in the same desire, and Khalid Abdalla does not shine in the role of the princess’ lover, just passing the impression of being a playboy enjoying life and playing Diana. a sexual enjoyment.

The crown ends the fifth season in the right way: leaving us looking forward to the sixth. Where to watch free full movies dubbed? Just download Youcine free apk and watch lots of movies of various genres! Go to google and type: download Youcine free apk, and follow the instructions. Enjoy!

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