The famous romantic comedy ‘Priate Lesson’ that everyone is watching


Christmas season is a time to reflect on the past year and the year to come, and along with it comes the desire to make new dreams come true. And who doesn’t want to fulfill the desire to have a great love in life, right? If you like movies full of twists, Conselheira do Amor – Netflix- is a great suggestion to watch in the free Youcine apk. This Turkish production has been very successful thanks to its exciting and irreverent plot.

Priate Lesson

“Conselheira do Amor” – Private Lessons, in its original title – is a project by Turkish filmmaker Kivanç Baruönü. The screenplay was done by Murat Disli and Yasemin Erturan.

The film Conselheira do Amor, caused a strong impact on specialized critics. Below I write everything you want to know about this plot and also who is in the cast of this film, check it out:

Exciting, movie is doing very well

“Conselheira do Amor” arrived at the Netflix platform catalog on December 16, 2022. A few days later, the feature entered the Top 10 of streaming. And now you can watch this movie for free on Youcine apk.

Disguised as a teacher who gives private lessons and without anyone knowing, Azra gives advice to young students about the ups and downs they face in life as well as in love.

The plot of this Turkish film tells the story of Azra, a very confident teacher and vocational counselor who, in her work as a private tutor, helps young people to unravel the mysteries of love.

The film begins when, in one of Azra’s classes – played by Helin Kandemir – she seeks the teacher’s help to get closer to her crush, or as some say “the flirt”.

Priate Lesson

Will she actually be able to win over the suitor? And how does the protagonist Azra get involved in this story? Download the free Youcine apk and check out what will happen! Enjoy your Christmas to watch this and other movies, anime, series and much more for free! Do not miss this opportunity! Download your free Youcine apk right now on your android, or on your TV Box and SmartTVLG to watch the best of cinema! Enjoy, it’s all free!


The cast of Conselheira do Amor is entirely formed by Turkish actors, who are little known by the international audience.

Actress Bensu Soral puts on a real show as the charismatic protagonist Azra, and Helen Kandemir plays the teenager who seeks help from her tutor.

In the main cast of Conselheira do Amor are: Deniz Altan, Hatice Aslan, Elif Ceren Balikçi, Hülya Gülsen Irmak, Murat Karasu, Rami Narin, Halit Özgür Sari and Esengül Yilmaz Senalp.

On social networks, on the internet, Conselheira do Amor receives many compliments, mainly for its fun story and for having an ending that impacts the public.

Youcine recommendation for you to watch for free at Christmas

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This feature film shows the reunion of two ex-boyfriends who get closer at Christmas thanks to an orphan girl, who wants to have a new family. In the cast are the actors: Jill Wagner, Nick Bateman and Ruby Tupper.

Produced for TV, the film is directed by Mike Rohl, who is known for his work on series such as Kyle XY (2006 – 2009) and Smallville – As Aventuras do Superboy (2001 – 2011).

If you’ve already started making your list of movies to watch this Christmas, add this one! I’m sure you’ll love it! You can download this movie on your Smart TV or on your TV Box, you can also watch other movie genres if you prefer, series and cartoons together with your children! Download the free Youcine apk now and spend a different Christmas!

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