“The Glory” series only continues in March of this year


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“The Glory” has an investigative side, mystery, a bit of romance, suspense and drama, this makes viewers always follow with that taste of “I want more”, you know? However, there is a trap! The series does not end at the end of the 8 episodes, what calls my attention is that it is almost “interrupted”, cut, at a time that it should not. And according to news from websites, it has its continuity postponed until the month of March this year! It’s good to have continuity as mysteries remained unresolved in this first season. Revenge, for example, doesn’t even begin, it shows more the presentation of the characters, their enemies or allies, and the development of plots, which are only secondary.

The Glory

In a second season, it would be possible to explore other characters – even more so those who were shown in the midst of revenge, but it cannot make the mistake of pushing the title further away from the original series.

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The Glory

The first season opens up to parallel plots, everything seems like a “big case of family problems”. The series manages to hold the attention of viewers. And despite this 1st season ending abruptly, those who continue to watch will only define the production as: “Wow, what a series!”.

The Glory

“The Glory” is a suspense plot, in which the main character decides to take revenge for the bullying she suffered at school, she prepares for almost 20 years only to come back and massacre -in a great game- which is strategic.

The narrative is told slowly, but it does not wind up, it avoids the exhaustive and bets on the contemplative. We admire every second and are already imagining the next, trying to understand the connections, and thinking about how strategic and vindictive it will be!

The question is, “How far would she be willing to go to get revenge?” And, of course, that question is answered, yet there are more mysteries involving the past, present and future of this series!

Many characters come under the crosshairs of the revenge path, all of them with their own stories, which end up interfering, or not, in their plans. This makes it even more unsettling.

It gives the impression that things are out of control, but no, in the end everything returns to normal. The narrative makes it seem that the protagonist is really a genius! It’s very similar to a game, where the pieces are placed one by one until there’s no space left!

Each episode reveals a little of each of the characters, but all of them are under the control of the protagonist, that’s what you can understand.

The idea of revenge gains more strength with each new revelation, but it’s just the first season! Let’s go together until the end of the other, or others… . Which app to watch free series? Youcine! Download it on your TV Box or Smart TV or on your cell phone and check out the best of national and international cinema! There are always releases! Enjoy, it’s all free!

The Glory

The bullying that the protagonist of the story suffers is very great, and in fact it left marks on her soul and also on her body. Therefore, the idea of her preparing for years to take revenge on her attackers is real and convincing, without a doubt!

The whole process of her growing up, evolving and getting stronger to fight for her controversial dream is very well shown, and it’s not easy for her. The whole story takes place at various times and stages of her life, sometimes showing memories of the past and time jumps, so I don’t think it’s too long. How do I get Netflix for free? Just download the free youcine apk on your android, iphone or even on your Smar TV or TV Box and watch many series, subtitled and dubbed movies, talk shows and etc… . Download the free youcine apk now, it’s free!

The Glory

She fought, she suffered, but she achieved power to avenge herself. However, much depends on her luck as well.

The story manages to “deceive” in some senses, but it has parts that are convenient in the script. The question of her not having been retaliated against, for example, is strange, right?

But, it is filled and rewarded by the “strategy of years” tactic, which accomplished the purpose of diverting everyone’s attention the way she wanted it, and allowing her to act freely.

There are still more mysteries that make everyone fall into their own dilemmas, but everything refers to the protagonist of the story, giving the impression that she actually planned every detail, even those that seem to be unforeseen.


The cast is wonderful, both past and present. Even the supporting characters are interesting in their performances and stories.

A very striking character is the doctor’s mother, who almost doesn’t appear, but when she does, she manages to draw tears from the audience!

The Glory

Even the children act well, which is beautiful isn’t it? One case is the reaction of the color-blind daughter, you can feel the “fear” of her character! Serious! Which app to watch free movies? Youcine! Download it on your Smart TV and follow the news on our instagram: @youcineoficialbr.

The Series Name

This series was also titled “A Lição”, but they changed the name to “The Glory”, probably because there are films with the same name. The title has to do with the protagonist of the series being a teacher and wanting to take revenge using this as one of the tactics, but it limits it a little, as it goes beyond that. This title can also be interpreted as if the protagonist were going to teach the antagonists with her vengeful plot, but in the end, neither she nor the others seem to be learning anything.

The Glory

But, what’s up .. is it worth watching the first season of “The Glory” then? Yes! . Even though it’s many hours of endless series, it’s so worth it! It’s exciting! I’ll wait until March to watch the second and you? Why can’t you even watch it for free by downloading the free youcine apk? Download it on your cell phone or on your TV Box and Smart TVLG and check it out! You will like it, bet!

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