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In this drama, a couple tries to live in a distraction-free room for 50 days. Kate (Kate Bosworth) and Mikey (Emile Hirsh) enter the Immaculate Room for the first time, they see possibilities in all its empty space. All they have to do is spend 50 days there, as so named by the scientist ministry leading the challenge, they will earn $5 million.

The most attentive and rational viewers will see the nightmarish potential of the Immaculate Room. Kate and Mikey. The movie “The Immaculate Room”, written and directed by Mukunda Michael Dewil, doesn’t embrace its darkest parts, so the ending could have been a lot better.

The Immaculate Room

New opportunity

Mikey and Kate are giving their relationship a new chance, and they’ve apparently decided that being trapped together will rekindle the flame of love. But unfortunately it was a failed attempt. Kate has a habit of following rules and is of humble origins. Mikey is an affluent vegan artist whose plans for prize money include smoking pot with Elon Musk.

The room changes lighting to simulate morning, noon, and night; offers three “meals” daily of an unflavored liquid called ‘Food’; and binds Kate and Mikey to a series of very arbitrary rules. Kate prefers to just play together, but Mikey is suspicious from the beginning, he keeps watching the clock counting their time, because he thinks he’s being manipulated.


The lighting in the room is very good, it is well crafted by the film production technique. Regarding the quoted time, it’s worth going deeper – time is very important in all of this.

The plot could have been better worked out, focusing on the main points of Kate and Mikey’s story for example, and not focusing so much on the moral flaws of the characters. It’s not the best movie, but as in everything you learn a lesson, it’s worth watching. Even more if it’s free and you don’t even have to leave the house, right? And then you must be thinking: Is there a way to watch movies on the internet? Yes, there is, free of charge. Download the free Youcine app and check out many movies, anime, series, anime movies, games and much more.

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You can’t miss this movie! This story is incredible. The good news is that in addition to this you can watch more free movies. Want to know how? Download the Youcine free apk now to watch many free movies of different genres, as well as series and more. Enjoy!

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