“The Lost City” has different languages of humor and an excellent adventure


In a few scenes of “The Lost City” you can already see the honest reverence that the directors brothers Adam and Aaron Nee have for adventure movies. The script signed by Oren Uziel, Dana Fox and the Nee brothers, uses a comic and intelligent logic as a pretext to put almost all the languages of humor in the same film: from the physical to the discursive, passing through the gore and metalinguistic, brushing the trash and the nonsense to the romantic. “Lost City” is a comedy-comedy. As a very emotional parody, the film manages to get the laugh out just right, while preserving a captivating emotional appeal.

The Lost City


The film tells the story of Loretta Sage (played by the sensational Sandra Bulock, who also produces the feature), a very successful -but frustrated- writer of erotic novels inspired by historical myths of indigenous civilizations. Depressed by the death of her husband – an innovative archaeologist – she decides to implode her career almost at the same time that she becomes the target of an eccentric rich man (played by Daniel Radcliffe), very determined to use her to find a legendary lost city, which is mentioned in one of his books.

Kidnapped by the rich man, she finds help from a dysfunctional group on a potentially suicidal rescue mission: her not-so-bright (but handsome) cover model (Channing Tatum), her neurotic agent (Da’ Vine Joy Randolph). ), a social media analyst, too vain (Patti Harrison) and a ruthless adventurer for hire (Brad Pitt).

While two of them stay in the US, in remote support, two try to meet the writer. Then the scramble starts. And you want to know how to watch movies online for free like this and legally? Download your Youcine free apk now and check out all the best in cinema!

The Lost City

The public, however, starts having fun before that. Balancing the drama passed by the protagonist with many tirades against Uziel, Foz and the Nees, the film manages to get a good laugh from the audience, showing the possibility of a more intelligent humor. As a frustrated academic who writes erotic novels just to pay the bills, Bullock shows a palpable disdain for her own life’s work. This feeling is matched by the joy Tatum’s character experiences in playing the fictional character in her books, in a shock that predicts tasty changes. None of this is done in a delicate way, but there is honesty and chemistry to make it all work.

“Lost City” inspires security. The directors have the plastic exploration of their talents and a lot of sharpness when conducting the drained scenes. When tension in the main core rises, Randolph, Harrison and an inspired cameo by Oscar Nunes (The Office’s Oscar, called Oscar again) manage to provide even more laughable alternatives. British actor Radcliffe indulges in the interpretation of a more psychotic and much less affable version of John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) in Jurassic Park (1993). Much better as a comedy than action, but still well executed. It’s worth checking out this work in its free Youcine apk! Just download it on your Smart TV, TV box, cell phone, android and enjoy!


  1. The Paramount film features Daniel Radcliffe, Patti Harrison (‘Raya and the Last Dragon’) and Da ‘Vine Joy Randolf (‘My Name is Dolemite’).
  2. The duo Adam and Aaron Nee is responsible for the direction.
  3. The screenplay was written by Dana Fox, from ‘Love Game in Las Vegas
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