“The Wold Way” – The Old-Fashioned Way


For an actor who has historically been so genre-friendly, it seems a bit odd that Nicolas Cage has never made a “horse opera” drama. Sure, he was interested in noir Red Rock West , for example, but he never prepared for a simple hat fight.

The Wold Way

The Old Way”, which comes to town as a classic death-on-the-border tale of an old gunslinger who is forced to pick up his shooting irons once more. He used to be a good kind of man who thought he’d put all that killing behind him. So it was a grizzled Eastwood-style assassin who knew this day would come. Not Colton Briggs, a ruthless killer with all the charm of Jack Palance in Shane, who somehow manages not only to get married, but to have a daughter (Armstrong) and start running something in a small town. Of course, that question of happiness is shattered when a charming crook (1883’s Le Gros) and his gang of actors kill his wife, sending now single father Colton and the strangely emotionless Brooke on a bloody path of revenge.

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One criticism that I particularly find quite superficial of Cage is that he takes any job just to stay in the profession. The truth is far more complex. Cage has reportedly admitted that he loves to work, that it keeps his own personal “demons” at bay, but there’s always something about every movie he chooses that lifts it above the direct-to-video pile of slush. In the case of The Old Way, it’s an unexpected kinship with Ti West’s bloody frontier avenger, In a Valley of Violence. This was on the surface another story of a man trying to leave his deadly ways behind and failing, but what was beating at its heart was about a Civil War soldier fighting PTSD at a time when no one had a clue what it meant. . In the old-fashioned way, it’s no surprise that a lifetime of killing has left Colton far removed from the world, but the question arises: what if that withdrawal came first?

The film “The Old Way” is, at the first impression of viewers, just a classic avenger, but it is also a vintage one, with that slightly acidic touch that makes it even more fascinating.

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The Wold Way

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