Who will you let go?


The recent new movie gives people the feeling of a horror month. The directors feel that the recent weather is too hot and needs to give everyone a little nervous atmosphere, so that everyone can feel cool on their backs! Recent horror movies include “X”, “You Won’t Be Alone”, “Deep Hatred” and today’s latest horror movie “The Cellar”.

Who will you let go?

What is the plot of the cellar?

The family successfully bought a relatively cheap building at the auction, except for the daughter at home who didn’t like it very much because she was far away from her friends, but the other family members were very happy. Because the house is in a relatively “remote” place…because of the newly bought house, the father and mother need to work harder. One night when the parents went to work overtime, after the daughter put the little son to bed, she Back in the living room to watch TV, all the lights in the house suddenly went out. The daughter called her mother, and the mother asked her to go to the basement and connect the fuse. Although the daughter did not dare to go down, but with the encouragement of her mother, she dared to go down to the basement. The mother asked her to count down the number, it should be ten steps, but the daughter counted down one by one, and she didn’t stop when she reached “ten”, and kept counting…

Worried that the child’s parents hurried home, but there was no trace of their daughter, the police found nothing after investigation. So, the mother began to study the situation in the basement and discovered the mysterious symbol. She discovers that a physicist and occultist called John Fetherston, who was obsessed with finding the 11th dimension, built the house and engraved sinister equations on the 10 steps leading into the cellar……

Who will you let go?

What is the theme of the cellar?

The style of the whole story continues the horror stories of the past, starting from a remote house, not a simple past story. From the mother who ignored her eldest daughter because of her younger brother at first, to later she must battle with the universe’s most ancient evil, or lose her family’s souls forever. Youcine also sees the importance of persistence from this film: insist on bringing users free high-definition movies and TV series resources, insist on bringing you the latest information, and insist on bringing you new features! Come join our community and keep sharing our platform!

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