Why “Avatar” is so popular ?


Recently, “Avatar” was re-released in mainland China. In order to make up for not going to the movies everywhere, I went to the movie to watch “Avatar” again this time. I believe many people are like me and went to the cinema to watch “Avatar” again. , let me talk about my views on “Avatar”.

Where to watch Avatar?

Download the Youcine app and you can see many different movies from around the world. It also has numerous streaming capabilities. In addition to enjoying these streaming features, you can also watch live football matches.

The story of “Avatar” takes place in 2154. Human beings discovered a mineral element with extremely valuable use on the Pandora planet in the universe, so they planned to mine it on the planet. In order to better adapt to the environment on the planet, they started the Avatar Project. They are NAVI people who were cloned by combining human DNA with indigenous DNA on Pandora.

A few years later, the protagonist Jack entered the Pandora planet by cloning the NAVI people. On the planet, Jack met the princess of the NAVI tribe and followed her into the tribe. He also learned that human development of the Pandora planet made them very dissatisfied and severely damaged it. After affecting the ecological environment of the planet, Jack finally decided to resist human development of the planet, and thus launched an action against humans. In the end, all the creatures on Pandora worked together to defeat humans.

movie theme

First of all, many people think that “Avatar” is mainly about environmental protection and nature, but I think that loving nature is only a manifestation of the theme and not the theme itself. But we should think deeply about the fact that human beings do whatever it takes to extract resources from nature for their own benefit.

The ugliness of human beings is fully revealed at this moment. Greed, desire, and selfishness. In order to satisfy their greed for money and desire for enjoyment, they selfishly keep asking for things from nature, but the rewards they ask for again and again are always the same. Destroying nature again and again.

In order to distribute resources, wars are launched, which is undoubtedly a huge harm to nature or humans themselves. The smoke of war pollutes nature and destroys human lives. Perhaps for today’s human beings, the so-called happiness is no longer limited to the outside world. As long as it can satisfy one’s own desires, it is happiness. Then there is not much difference between humans and animals.

Even worse, at least animals know how to cherish each other, and humans, in order to satisfy themselves, can even kill each other, using all kinds of means to satisfy their never-satisfied desires. Some people say this is for survival. Yes, survival is necessary, but it is not the only one, and the way to survive is not the only one. The way of survival of wanton plunder and destruction is just a direct expression of animal instinct. Human beings should have a more moral way of survival.

scene from movie

But what I have to say is that the natural scenery in the movie is like a fairyland, and the luxurious war scenes range from the sky to the forest. The warriors of Na’vi ride on birds in the air to fight against human fighter planes. The warriors of Na’vi ride on horse-like creatures in the forest to fight against humans. Together with the majestic music, it makes people’s blood boil.

However, at the current speed of development, in order to innovate and develop, many ecological rules have been destroyed. Faced with the rapid development of material civilization, we have lost control. The overspeeding and out-of-control civilization train will lead to destruction! The top priority is how to calm down the out-of-control train before the destruction occurs, or force it to change its current track.

We are all on the earth, and if we want to coexist peacefully, humans must maintain a harmonious state of existence with nature, and should not destroy the environment by plundering rare resources or launching wars. Because protecting nature is actually protecting yourself.

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