Xena: Warrior Princess -1×01- manages to reveal potential of actresses

Hercules: The Legendary Journey

“Hercules: The Legendary Journey” was a success, and by putting Xena – the villain who turns into a heroine throughout the 3 episodes of the 1st season of the series- made the producers of the original series -Robert Tapert and Sam Raimi- produce a spinoff series in the same year. In my opinion, adding together another series being filmed in the same locations and using the same resources is great to take advantage of spare time and resources.

Interpreted by New Zealander Lucy Lawless, Xena, unlike Hercules, is not a character born from some mythology, having been created exclusively for the series starring Kevin Sorbo. However, similar to the embryo series, the warrior princess of the title faces both human and supernatural threats, many of them coming especially from Greek Mythology. Xena: Warrior Princess gives the audience that same light serious and tragic politeness, but the pilot has its approach even more comical than what happens in ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journey’.

What matters, for the purposes of the series as a whole, is to have placed Gabrielle (Renee O’Connor), who would become Xena’s sidekick and moral guide, as a young woman dissatisfied with the life of who leaves everything to chase after her life. Warrior. Everything happens with Xena giving up being a warrior, only for her to return to her old style to save some women about to be taken by bandit warriors, among them Gabrielle, the only woman who seems to have a voice in the group.

One of the scenes that should be the most important of the pilot – Xena giving up being who she is only to go back to a version of what she was and meeting Gabrielle – is what least stands out at the beginning. ‘Sins of the Past’ would have been better if the beginning had been a little less rushed about the bond of friendship between Xena and Gabrielle, so that the public could get to know a little more about their personalities.

Hercules: The Legendary Journey

The beginning of ‘Xena: The Warrior Princess’ is a little more effective than that of Hercules, this very much in fact because the protagonist duo is much more interesting than the one formed by Sorbo and Michael Hurst and also because it doesn’t waste time in make it clear that the series is almost a comedy with elements of Greek mythology (and tragedy) placed to create a slightly strange but interesting ensemble. Therefore, “Sins of the Past”, even lacking its focus, manages to show the potential of the duo of leading actresses. Directed by Doug Lefler, screenplay by R.J. Stewart. The cast includes: Lucy Lawless, Willa O’Neill, Jay Laga’aia, Renee O’Connor, Darien Takle, Stephen Hall, Patrick Wilson, Anton Bentley and Wally Green. Is your favorite series not dubbed?

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