“Your place or Mine” has big stars but little charm


The “bad” Day, which is interpreted by theologians and scholars alike as a bad time, forces us to lament not only this state in our love lives, but also the even more lamentable state of the romantic comedy, a genre that has recently been reborn and still needs some help. a jolt back to life. After a differentiated scarcity, the streamer-led avalanche of 90-minute cuts has certainly been consistent, but also consistently underwhelming, perhaps harmlessly so. Even without expecting a total reinvention there is a laziness that bothers – it’s as if these films are being bombarded by half-asleep writers and directors, with the target somewhere else.

One can naively expect a little more from Reese Witherspoon’s return to the genre and cinema in general.

Your place or Mine

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The plot pulls together familiar elements from the rom-com past: the best friends who might actually be soulmates in disguise from When Harry Met Sally, the star-studded pair who spend just one scene together during the Sleepless in Seattle movie, and the house swap. from The Holiday, something very interesting, but which stays at room temperature until the end. A red flag appears before we see anything: Gwen Stefani and Akon’s song The Great Escape takes over an opening scene from 2003, filled with bits of on-screen text telling us how 2003 it all is while the characters de Witherspoon and Kutcher have a very drunken night. Not only was The Great Escape released three years later, but that elusive flourish was abandoned until the very end.

One can naively expect more from Reese Witherspoon’s return to the genre and cinema in general, her first leading role in six years since another romantic comedy.

The plot

The plot brings together some familiar elements from the past of romantic comedies like: best friends who may actually be soulmates in disguise, something not uninteresting, but which remains at room temperature until the end. A red flag pops up before we see anything: Gwen Stefani and Akon’s song The Great Escape leads an opening scene from 2003, while Witherspoon and Kutcher’s characters have a drunken night out. Not only was The Great Escape released three years later, but this eerie flourish was abandoned until the very end.

Your place or Mine

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Soon we’re in the present with Witherspoon’s uptight single mother living in Los Angeles and her girlfriend-turned-best-friend, Kutcher’s up-and-coming boor in Brooklyn. The film then shows them staying at each other’s houses for a week – her so she can finish a college course and him so he can look after their son – and realizing that, no prizes for guessing this one, that maybe they should be together. living in the same city.

It seemed for a brief period that Witherspoon, after a long time tinkering with airplane footage, had finally returned to planet Earth. Her early work showed a bold young actor acting fearlessly, pushing herself and us. The crowd-pleasing success of 2001’s Legally Blonde slowly locked her into a, shall we say mode… .kind of cute. It was Cheryl Strayed’s 2014 adaptation of Wild that pulled her off the cliff, a reminder of what she can and is willing to do, leading to a small role in Inherent Vice and the complicated domestic thrills of Big Little Lies. How to download free movies online? All you have to do is download it on your TV Box, Smart TV and even access it in the web version for browsers, and you can access it by Iphone or Ipad or by computers.

A much more interesting version would have seen the roles reversed, him as the somewhat clingy dad and her as the commitment-phobe. There are brief flashes of something more generally interesting, and adult, at play here – Kutcher’s playboy is a recovering alcoholic, Witherspoon’s mother was a heavy drinker, their friendship was tested in difficult ways – hints that perhaps the script was a little more emotionally complex at one point. Even though it’s a commonplace, brilliant idea formula, it’s never anywhere near as funny or even romantic as it needs to be, and marred by the couple struggling to have “chemistry” during phone conversations that never feel quite as inhabited as they would for friends. with such a long storyline.

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