Provisions on the Regulation of Youcine Program Review System

In order to strengthen the review and management of our Youcine programs, to further regulate the program review procedures, to guide and serve the users, and to promote the healthy development of the application, the program review system is formulated:

(I) Movie and soap opera review:

(1) Film: according to the principle of visual retention, the use of photographic and sound recording technology of real people, real scenes, paintings, cartoons and other continuously recorded images and sounds on the film, through the projection to restore the image, sound, so that people can see on the screen continuously moving images of a comprehensive art. The term “film” here includes “animation film” and “online film”.

(2) Drama: a form of drama produced with television technology and broadcast on a television network. The term “television drama” here includes “network television drama” and “animated television drama”.

(3) Web drama: refers to a kind of online video that is specially used in various new media platforms and is suitable for watching in a short period of time. The main difference between traditional movies and TV dramas is the medium, which is a kind of drama with new media platform (including computer network, cell phone network, etc.) as the main medium, and the types of works include “network movie” (also known as “microfilm”) and “network TV drama”. “Web drama” in terms of types of works. In this context, “web drama” includes “animated web drama” in the form of animation.

(4) Right of modification: modification of the written work itself according to the needs of filming a movie, television series or web series.

(5) Right of adaptation: adaptation of a written work into a literary script for a film (television drama, web series).

(6) Shooting right: shooting of a film (TV drama, web series) based on a literary script adapted from a written work and its distribution (broadcast) in a region designated by the legislator.

(7) Information network distribution right: the right to make a film (television drama, web series) available in a designated area by wired or wireless means, so that the audience in such area may access the film (television drama, web series) at a time and place of their personal choice;

(8) Distribution right: the right to transform the filmed film (television drama, web series) into various audiovisual products for sale or gift, and the right may also broadcast the film or television drama in network form.

(9) Exclusive License: means the right to use the authorization exclusively, no one can exercise the authorization under this Agreement.

(10) Non-Exclusive License: means the right to use the Authorization on a non-exclusive basis, i.e. Party A has the right to exercise the Authorization itself or to authorize a third party other than Party B to exercise the Authorization under this Agreement.

(11) Filming Language: refers to the type of language primarily used in the creation of scripts, broadcasting of films and television dramas, such as character dialogue, narration and subtitles.

(12) Products (e.g., toys, stationery, etc.) manufactured (created) through the direct use, modification, adaptation or other use of Youcine’s logo, name and/or trademarks.

(II) Copyright Clearance

1.Infringement based on clips

Malicious production of videos on Youcine broadly includes two categories: splicing and inference. Splicing generally refers to the combination of pure and simple deletion clips from previous works; inference generally uses one or more clips from previous works for adaptation, compilation and other secondary creations.

2 Infringement by imitation

If there are similarities in form, content, plot, expression and method, conception, etc., infringement is established at the copyright law level.

3 Porting offense

Unauthorized “porting” of in-app videos from one platform to another by changing the name, etc. is a direct migration of content. Regardless of whether it is a direct transfer or secondary creation of an original work, in the absence of legal exemptions and legal authorization, the types of rights infringed include the right to protection of the integrity of the work, the right of adaptation, the right of compilation, the right of filming and the right of dissemination of information networks.

Youcine is entitled to demand liability for any of the above infringements.